Chapter 31.3
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Jun Zishu spectated the scene downstairs in her room with Little Fairy, and even she couldn't help but pity the original owners of the two bodies she had occupied thus far. Whether it was Jun Jiayao or Jun Wan'er, both had experienced tragic fates.

In the case of Jun Wan'er, after having her entire family massacred by bandits, she had died of illness on her way to the Ning manor.

In Jun Jiayao's case, robbers had killed both her birth parents when she was still a child. Then, just when she had gotten adopted into a wealthy family, she had died to a loosened signboard.

Though, looking back at things now, Jun Zishu found that she, too, had lived quite the tragic life in her original world. Although both her birth parents were alive and healthy, neither had shown her any love throughout her life. Her relationship with her parents was less like a family and more like a long-term business transaction instead. Moreover, just when she was at the peak of her career, she had gotten killed in a car accident.

Jun Zishu knew that many people were eyeing the fortune she had amassed. After her death, some people would probably be smiling even in their sleep.

[Host! Once you've completed enough missions, you can return to your original world to take care of your affairs!]

Jun Zishu originally wanted to say that it wasn't necessary. However, after giving the matter some thought, she felt that revisiting her original world might not be a bad idea after all. So, she silently nodded in agreement.

Meanwhile, Qin Youran and Qin Xiaoman continued with their conversation.

"Make sure you don't behave strangely in front of her later. Sympathy will only make her recall those bad memories."

"I know."

"Is there anything you don't like to eat? We'll be having a simple lunch later and a feast at night."

"No, I'm fine with anything. I'll go find Yaoyao now.'

"Go on, then."

"By the way, Auntie, bring her with you when you come over for the New Year's next time."


"Since she is already part of our family, she naturally has to meet Grandpa and Grandma. While I know that you are trying to protect her, what if Yaoyao thinks you're not bringing her to the old mansion because you find it embarrassing that she's adopted? How hurtful would that be?"


"Come on, come on, take her with you~ I'll be there, so you don't have to worry about anything. If anyone tries to bully her, I'll skin them alive," Qin Youran said with her chin held up high.

"Yes, yes, yes. You go and talk to Yaoyao about it first and see what she thinks of it. Then, I'll ask her again later," Qin Xiaoman said, amused by her niece's words.

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"OKOK. By the way, you said that she used to go someplace during past New Years. Where did she go?" Qin Youran curiously asked.

"To her other close friend's place. Yaoyao met the girl in the orphanage, and that girl is a nice person. That girl has also been Yaoyao's only friend for the past few years."

"Yaoyao has another close friend?" Qin Youran asked in surprise. At the same time, she also grew a little upset. She used to think that with Jun Zishu's personality, there was no way the bookworm could make any friends. Yet, contrary to her expectations, Jun Zishu had another close friend. Moreover, the two had even spent the past New Years together.

"That's right. Is that so strange? Don't you have a bunch of close friends as well?"

"I'm just a little surprised, that's all."

"That girl should be coming here today to celebrate Yaoyao's birthday as well, so—"

Before Qin Xiaoman could finish her words, the doorbell suddenly rang.

"That should be her."

Qin Xiaoman stood up and had a servant get the door.

Sure enough, when the servant opened the door, the person standing behind it was none other than He Bailing. Currently, He Bailing was dressed lightly, and one could tell that she had placed a lot of attention on her appearance.

Right now, He Bailing was stricken with panic. Although she had always known that a wealthy family had adopted her close friend, she never knew exactly how wealthy her friend's adopted family was.

He Bailing had spent a lot of money to get to this villa district. Then, when she arrived in front of her friend's house and saw how magnificent of a building it was, she couldn't help but be shocked.

She doubted that she could live in such a house even if she worked for the rest of her life.

When she pressed the doorbell, she couldn't help but worry whether she had dressed too shabbily.

"Hello, Auntie. I'm here to look for Jun Jiayao," He Bailing politely greeted Qin Xiaoman while restraining her eyes from wandering about.

"Hello. You must be Bailing, right? Yaoyao has told me about you; come on in."

"Thank you, Auntie."

Although this was the first time He Bailing had visited such an expensive home, she behaved in an attitude that was neither too humble nor overbearing.

"Oh, no need to be so polite. Yaoyao is upstairs, so you two go ahead," Qin Xiaoman said, smiling. Her impression of He Bailing improved even further after seeing the young lady's behavior.


Subsequently, He Bailing and Qin Youran made their way upstairs. Although He Bailing didn't know who the beautiful and elegant girl walking beside her was, she could vaguely sense hostilities coming from this person.

He Bailing was a very attentive and sensitive person. She had also met with many people since she was a child, and these encounters had honed her ability to judge people's attitudes. So, she could quickly tell whether a person liked or disliked her. Although she didn't know what she had done to offend the girl beside her, she wouldn't go out of her way to ask the other party either.

Jun Zishu did not close her room's door completely. Instead, she left a small gap open.

He Bailing initially intended to knock first, but Qin Youran had pushed open the door before she could do so. Thus, she quickly followed Qin Youran into the room and closed the door behind her.

Jun Zishu was currently nestled in a large, comfortable chair in front of her desk while reading a book. When she saw her good friends coming in, she put down her book and stood up to welcome them.

"Have a seat."

"Okay," He Bailing answered and sat down on the nearby sofa. Then, to her shock, she saw the girl, who had come upstairs with her, squeeze into Jun Zishu's chair and placed an arm around Jun Zishu's shoulders.

The two looked very intimate with each other.

He Bailing narrowed her eyes as she looked at Qin Youran, her mind wondering who Qin Youran was.

"Yaoyao, have you known about our relationship long ago?"

"I only found out just now." Actually, I've known about it long ago, but I won't tell you that, hehe.

"Why do you look so calm, then?"

"What kind of reaction do you want from me?"

"Shouldn't you feel happy or excited?" Qin Youran asked as she stuck even closer to Jun Zishu. Then, she glanced at He Bailing, thinking, Close friend? Hmph.

"Little Cousin."

"You're just two months older than me."

Qin Youran let out a light snort before getting out of the chair and sitting on Jun Zishu's bed.

Meanwhile, He Bailing couldn't help but feel a little awkward at being left out of the conversation.

Of course, Jun Zishu wouldn't forget about this close friend of hers. Immediately, she grabbed a book from the nearby bookshelf and offered it to He Bailing.

"You managed to find it, Yaoyao?!" He Bailing was pleasantly surprised when she saw the book. Immediately, she stood up to receive it.


"I couldn't find this book even after going through several bookstores. Where did you get it from?"

"I visited an old bookstore and contacted the owner."

"It must've taken you a lot of effort. I'll return it to you once I'm done reading it," He Bailing said as she caressed the book's cover preciously.

"No need. I don't have much use for this book, so I'll give it to you."

"You're too kind to me, Yaoyao! So, did you deliberately search this book for me?"

Normally, He Bailing wouldn't have said so many words of gratitude. After all, there was no need to be so polite between friends. However, she had decided to do so today.

Since a certain someone wanted to compete who was more intimate with Jun Zishu, He Bailing naturally wouldn't back down without a fight.

"Mhm." Jun Zishu nodded.

"It's just a book. Is there a need to behave like that?" Qin Youran snorted derisively. She found it stupid that He Bailing was getting excited over a book.

"This isn't any normal book. It is no longer available on the market, so it is very difficult to find it. I've spent a long time searching the internet and visiting the bookstores in the area, but I never managed to find a copy. Yaoyao must've put a lot of thought and effort into finding it for me," He Bailing earnestly refuted, unable to accept Jun Zishu's efforts being dismissed so casually.

In response, Qin Youran immediately grew upset. She could naturally tell that He Bailing was showing off to her. Yet, she still fell for the other party's provocation.

Yeah, yeah, very amazing. What's so cool about buying a book?

Qin Youran inwardly rolled her eyes at He Bailing.

…Tsk, the bookworm sure treats her well. Why hasn't the bookworm ever done something like that for me before?

"Let's have lunch together later. Though, I don't have anything fun to do here," Jun Zishu calmly said, seemingly failing to notice the hidden blows the two other girls in the room traded.

"It's fine. I'll just read this book. You'll also be reading a book, right, Yaoyao? If I come across anything I don't understand in this book, I can ask you about it," He Bailing tactfully said.

"Didn't you say that she bought this book for you specifically? Since that's the case, she shouldn't have read the book before. So, even if you come across something you don't understand, there's no point in asking her," Qin Youran said, her lips curling upward as she looked at He Bailing.

"I've read it before. I understand it."

Jun Zishu mercilessly dismantled Qin Youran's words, causing He Bailing to chuckle.

You stupid bookworm! Qin Youran gnashed her teeth as she glared at Jun Zishu angrily. Couldn't you just stay quiet like you usually do?!

"Excuse me, Yaoyao's cousin, but my Yaoyao is very amazing. She can read books very quickly and understand them. So, there won't be any problems in asking her at all."

Oh? "Your" Yaoyao?? Who gave you the gall to say such a thing??? Qin Youran felt her anger rising rapidly.

"I think I know better than you do just how amazing Yaoyao is. Not only am I her cousin, but I am also her deskmate and roommate! Also, of course my Yaoyao is amazing! She came in first place in our year this semester! And while I am ashamed to admit it, I cannot match her. I only managed to get third place," Qin Youran said, shrugging. Although her words sounded humble, her voice overflowed with ostentation.

So what if you used to live together with the bookworm? Not only is the bookworm my cousin now, but she is even my deskmate-cum-roommate! We are much closer now than you two used to be!

"Oh, it's normal to be slightly inferior. After all, my Yaoyao's excellence is unmatched," He Bailing said, deliberately ignoring most of what Qin Youran just said and placing emphasis on her previous topic on Jun Zishu's excellence.

"Yes, that's right," Qin Youran begrudgingly agreed.

Young Miss Qin was upset. In the past, it was always other people coaxing her and fighting for her attention. Yet, now, she had to fight with someone for Jun Zishu's favor.

Mhm… Although the wording sounded a little off, that was the gist of the situation.

Like so, Qin Youran and He Bailing started boasting about Jun Zishu's accomplishments one after another, neither of them willing to submit to the other.

Meanwhile, Jun Zishu, the protagonist of their quarrel, remained wholly indifferent as she read her book.