Chapter 30.3
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Although Jun Zishu was holding a book in her hands, she wasn't reading it. Instead, she was having a conversation with Little Fairy in her mind.

Do you think she will fall in love with me just like Ning Qinghuan, Little Fairy?

[I don't know, Host. However, both previous and current mission targets should be straight girls according to their original setting.]

But my little cousin in the previous world still got bent all of a sudden.

[I think this might be a good thing, Host. Our mission is to change their fates, in any case. Since you can bring them happiness, what's the point in having someone else do it? Moreover, there is a factor of stability when you're the one doing it. There's no need to worry about any accidents happening.]

There were no permanent relationships in this world. Lovers could break up, and married partners could get divorced. Nobody could say with certainty what could happen in the future. Though, apart from her own considerations, part of the reason why Little Fairy had made such a suggestion was because of the division chiefs' considerations. The various division chiefs felt that if Jun Zishu got together with the mission targets, the chances of success would be higher.

Jun Zishu absent-mindedly turned a page, her mind in a slightly chaotic state.

Do you mean for me to seduce her, Little Fairy?

[This… It still depends on your wish. If you want to, you can feel free to do it. If you don't want to, then forget it.]

Jun Zishu did not reach a conclusion. In reality, she was an extremely passive person emotionally. When she worked as a businesswoman in the past, she had also never deceived others by saying that she liked them to accomplish her goals.

After her experiences in the previous world, Jun Zishu had started to understand what it meant to like someone. Even though she had already separated her emotions, she still had her memories of the previous world.

However, Jun Zishu wasn't certain if the way she treated Ning Qinghuan could be considered love. It was indeed true that she treated Ning Qinghuan well, went along with Ning Qinghuan's every wish, and kept on behaving in the way that Ning Qinghuan preferred the most. She also knew that Ning Qinghuan would condone all of her actions. However, Jun Zishu wasn't sure if such a passive behavior could be considered love.

Jun Zishu felt that her problem remained present.

She had no desires, and she had never felt that she lacked love. She did not desire to be embraced, possessed, or liked. She only aimed to accomplish her goals step by step.

It didn't matter even if nobody liked her. It was fine so long as she accomplished what she aimed to do.

Eventually, Jun Zishu decided not to seduce Qin Youran for the moment. To be precise, she wouldn't make it too obvious that she was trying to do so.

Jun Zishu would continue treating Qin Youran well like she had done thus far. As for what would happen in the future, she would leave it up to Qin Youran to decide. After all, getting into a relationship with Qin Youran was only one possibility. If Qin Youran fell in love with someone else in the future, Jun Zishu would also be happy with that outcome.

Would Qin Youran's desire to monopolize her friend's attention evolve into love? Or would it not?

Like Jun Zishu, Qin Youran was only pretending to be calm on the surface while her mind was in disarray.

Qin Youran couldn't believe that she had licked Jun Zishu's face just now. To make matters worse, she found that she didn't feel disgusted with the action at all. On the contrary, she found herself wanting to kiss, lick, and suck Jun Zishu's little dimples even more now.

The contrast between Jun Zishu's usual appearance and her previous appearance was simply massive. Jun Zishu typically did not wear any expressions on her face, so when she smiled and laughed in that manner, Qin Youran couldn't help but find her to be super cute. Although it was only a physiological smile, it was still plenty attractive.

Such intimate acts between close friends should be normal, right? Qin Youran thought.

Although Jun Zishu was sometimes infuriating, there were also times where she was very cute.

It was truly sweet sorrow.

Probably because of Qin Youran's words, Cheng Chaoyang had stopped appearing in front of Jun Zishu and Qin Youran for the following days.

With Cheng Chaoyang gone, Qin Youran's mood became exceptionally well. As a result, she found everything pleasing to her eyes, including the upcoming monthly exam.

The average semester in Yunying High lasted four months, and four exams were held during these four months. Two were monthly exams, one was a midterm exam, and one was the final exam. After the final exam, a long holiday would follow.

Although Yunying High didn't prioritize academic performance as much as the various elite schools in the city, everyone still vigorously prepared for the exam.

"I wonder how difficult our exam will be this time? Thankfully, our school isn't as perverse as First High. I pity First High's students. They have to live under constant pressure every day."

"At least their stressful lifestyle produces good results. Our school's average result is nowhere near as good as theirs."

Yunying High's tuition was something even a moderately prosperous household could afford. Even so, most families still choose to enroll their children into First High because of the school's higher enrollment rate into university.

Rather than focusing solely on academic performance, Yunying High placed greater priority on letting its students experience an all-rounded development. Thus, there were various forms of entertainment available within the school campus.

First High, on the other hand, was a gathering place for learning machines. The school's educational method was rigorous.

"But I'd rather get worse scores and have it easier in Yunying High than go to First High. Every exam in First High means a reshuffling of the school's class allocation. Won't First High's students get tired of changing classes every month?"

"I feel exhausted just thinking about it. Though, I think Jun Jiayao will still get first place in our school."

"I think so, too. She's the Academic Goddess who scored full marks, after all."

Everything that the nearby gossiping students said had entered Jun Zishu's and Qin Youran's ears, and Qin Youran couldn't help but nod in agreement with their words. She, too, felt that Jun Zishu would score first place in the exam this time. Jun Zishu's brain was simply too abnormal, after all.

"Do you still remember the words you said to me before?" Jun Zishu suddenly asked as she looked at Qin Youran.

"Of course, I remember."

Qin Youran wanted to slap herself whenever she recalled her declaration that she would surpass Jun Zishu. She also couldn't help but wish she could retract her words. However, she refused to acknowledge her inferiority, so she staunchly nodded to Jun Zishu's question.

"Good luck."


Qin Youran felt that she should be able to perform well in the exam this time. After all, the past month had seen her paying the most attention in class in her life. Although she might still end up behind Jun Zishu, the difference shouldn't be too glaring.

However, what Qin Youran did not expect was for her anxiety to soar as the exams approached. She had gotten so anxious that she got hardly any sleep the day before the exams, and she couldn't even open her eyes when Jun Zishu woke her up the next day.

"What happened? You look terrible."

Jun Zishu frowned when she saw Qin Youran sitting on the bed with her eyes still closed.

"I don't know. I feel so tired. I can't open my eyes," Qin Youran mumbled as she collapsed back into bed.

Jun Zishu went to the bathroom and soaked Qin Youran's face towel in cold water. Then, after wringing it dry, she left the bathroom and wiped Qin Youran's eyes with the towel, the sudden cold forcing Qin Youran's eyes to snap open.

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As soon as Qin Youran opened her eyes, what entered her vision was a pair of plump white bunnies. She could even see a ravine through the open collar.

However, before Qin Youran could get another look at the stimulating sight, a towel covered her eyes.

The cold towel covering her eyes felt quite comfortable, and Qin Youran felt that she might have sobered up already. Then, she pulled the towel away and sat up again.

Seeing this, Jun Zishu also straightened her body.

Just as Jun Zishu was about to move away, Qin Youran suddenly leaned forward and embraced Jun Zishu's waist. Then, she buried her face into Jun Zishu's breasts.

They were super soft and super comfortable.

"What are you doing?"

"I haven't sobered up yet, so let me lean on you for a while," Qin Youran vaguely muttered, her words causing Jun Zishu's lips to twitch.

After several minutes passed, Qin Youran raised her head, moved to the side of her bed, and put on her home slippers. Then, she drowsily shuffled toward the bathroom.

After having breakfast, the two promptly made their way to the exam venue.

The seating arrangements in the exam venue were randomized to prevent cheating, so Jun Zishu and Qin Youran were assigned to take the exam in two different classrooms. Even so, the two weren't far apart from each other. On the contrary, they were very close to each other, with Jun Zishu's classroom located directly opposite Qin Youran's. Both of them even sat near the entrance of their respective classrooms.

Meanwhile, just before they parted ways, Qin Youran said to Jun Zishu, "I'll try my best. Who knows? Maybe I'll surpass my usual performance."


"Wait for me in your seat once the test is over."


"Would it kill you to answer with more than one word?"

"Mhm, mhm."

Feeling satisfied, Qin Youran shooed Jun Zishu off, saying, "Okay, go on in."

Three days later, the monthly exam concluded without any problems.

Yunying High's teachers were very efficient at reviewing the test papers. On the second day after the monthly exam ended, the school already released the overall test results.

To no one's surprise, Jun Zishu was first in her year.

However, what shocked everyone was that Jun Zishu had scored full marks in every subject.

Boys were in awe of her performance while girls wept at her excellence.

When Class 1's form teacher found out about Jun Zishu's results, her smile spread from ear to ear. As for the other students of Class 1, they couldn't help but wonder if Jun Zishu was a monster.

Jun Zishu, on the other hand, remained calm. She behaved like usual and showed no signs of being surprised by her results.

Qin Youran was also calm. After all, she had long since gotten used to Jun Zishu's abnormal academic prowess.

Qin Youran was second in class and third in her year.

"I might have lost to you this time, but I won't give up," Qin Youran declared in front of Jun Zishu.