Chapter 21
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"Big Sister…?"

"I'm leaving, Little Wan'er."

After much deliberation, Ning Qinghuan eventually decided to come clean with Jn Zishu.

Regardless of how Jun Zishu would react, Ning Qinghuan felt that it would be much better than if she had suddenly left without saying a word. At the very least, she could let Jun Zishu have peace of mind and let her little cousin know about her feelings. As to whether Jun Zishu would reject her, it didn't matter.

Yes…it didn't matter.


Jun Zishu let out a confused voice.

"I'll be leaving with Daddy on his expedition two days later."

"What? Why are you going? That's war, Big Sister. How can a girl like yourself go to such a dangerous place? Don't tell me you're planning on going to the frontlines to kill enemies as well?"

"Of course. If I'm not going to kill enemies, why would I go there at all?"


"There are no buts."

"What about me? Will you bring me with you?"

"I won't."

Ning Qinghuan tightened her embrace over Jun Zishu.

"What should I do, then?"

"Just stay here and wait for my return, okay?"

"How long do I have to wait?"

"I don't know. The war might last three to five months, or it might last three to five years, or maybe…"

Maybe it could last even longer.

Ning Qinghuan was at a loss again. She couldn't help but wonder if her current decision was correct. Was it alright for her to make her little cousin wait for a long and indefinite amount of time? Wouldn't that be too cruel of her?

Ning Qinghuan felt her heart tightening, and even breathing became a pain. Regardless of whether she chose to confess or not, both decisions would end with unsatisfactory outcomes.

What exactly should she do?

Ning Qinghuan sincerely did not wish for Jun Zishu to suffer even the slightest of hardships. She hoped that her little cousin could live a happy and worry-free life under her protection.

"No matter how long it takes, I will wait for your return," Jun Zishu suddenly said.

Meanwhile, like medicine, these words instantly healed a significant portion of Ning Qinghuan's agitated heart.

"If you don't want me to follow you, I will stay here and wait until you come back. It doesn't matter if it takes three years, five years, or even ten years; I will keep on waiting," Jun Zishu sincerely said as she returned Ning Qinghuan's hug.

While Ning Qinghuan was at war, Jun Zishu could use the opportunity to deal with the people who had bullied Ning Qinghuan in the girl's past life. Jun Zishu might not be adept at leading soldiers and fighting wars, she was very proficient at scheming against people.

Jun Zishu's plan with the fourth prince was already progressing smoothly and steadily. Thus, the day where they harvested the fruits of their efforts was imminent.

However, Jun Zishu didn't plan to tell Ning Qinghuan any of these things.

Jun Zishu didn't have to make herself shine too much. After all, the protagonist she had to serve wasn't herself but Ning Qinghuan instead. She only needed to play the role of a star that enhanced the moon's beauty, then silently withdraw from the stage after achieving her goals.

"You are always like this…"

Jun Zishu's words moved Ning Qinghuan. How could she not love her little cousin with the way her little cousin treated her?

"Actually, I have another important thing to tell you."

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"Hm? There's something else?'

Jun Zishu was honestly surprised. Did her little cousin still have some secret she wasn't aware of?

Then, Ning Qinghuan placed her hands on Jun Zishu's shoulders and put some distance between them.

The night was dark, and the moonlight shining in from outside was just enough for Jun Zishu to get a vague view of Ning Qinghuan's face. Meanwhile, when Jun Zishu looked at Ning Qinghuan's eyes, she could see hints of maturity and worry that did not match Ning Qinghuan's age.

Why was Ning Qinghuan worried? Was the thing she wanted to talk about something sad?

Before Jun Zishu could react, Ning Qinghuan suddenly leaned forward and touched lips with her, stupefying her.

Ning Qinghuan had kissed her.

No, Ning Qinghuan was still kissing her.

The kiss was hurried and disorderly. Ning Qinghuan had even boldly inserted her tongue into Jun Zishu's mouth, though her tongue only recklessly thrashed about without skill.

Jun Zishu didn't know how to react in this situation. The only thing she knew to do now was sit still and do nothing.

Jun Zishu neither resisted nor reciprocated.

W-W-What is this situation?!?!

[I have no idea as well!]

The abrupt development had shocked Little Fairy as well.

[Hang in there, Host! I'll… I'll go check the database for past examples of such a case!]

Little Fairy fled, leaving Jun Zishu to face this situation by herself.

At this time, Ning Qinghuan's kiss grew more cautious. No longer was it rushed like before.

Then, Ning Qinghuan held Jun Zishu's face and gently licked her lips.

Suddenly, Jun Zishu tasted something salty through the tip of the tongue, the source of the flavor being Ning Qinghuan's tears.

Just like that, Ning Qinghuan silently wept while gently kissing Jun Zishu.

The meaning of her behavior went without saying.

After seeing this scene, Jun Zishu finally recovered from her shock, and an inexplicable feeling welling up within her.

Jun Zishu did not get angry. On the contrary, she even felt a little sorry for Ning Qinghuan.

Jun Zishu was a smart person. It didn't take long for her to figure out why Ning Qinghuan was going to war. The girl had probably done it for her.

"I like you, Little Wan'er."

Ning Qinghuan's voice was soft and carried hints of choking.

Even though she silently wept, she still revealed a smile.

She had finally said it.

Wiping her tears away, Ning Qinghuan eagerly waited for Jun Zishu's response.

However, Jun Zishu did not speak even after a long time had passed. To be precise, she didn't know what to say.

The room grew quieter and quieter. Ning Qinghuan lowered her head, the light in her eyes dimming. The fists she had kept clenched by her sides also gradually loosened.

Ning Qinghuan felt that she probably knew Jun Zishu's answer already.

Silence was probably the best form of rejection.

A bitter feeling appeared in Ning Qinghuan's heart. However, she didn't wish to give up so simply, either.

Yet, just when Ning Qinghuan was about to say something, Jun Zishu suddenly embraced her.

Ning Qinghuan looked up with shock covering her face. Then, the light in her eyes recovered its previous intensity.

Jun Zishu hugged her!

Didn't this mean that there was a chance between them?

"Why are you crying, Big Sister? Aren't you talking about something happy?"

"Little Wan'er? Do you accept my confession?"

"Mhm… I…am still considering."

Jun Zishu neither agreed nor disagreed with Ning Qinghuan. She felt that matters concerning relationships shouldn't be treated lightly.

Jun Zishu still hadn't thought about what she should do. It wasn't only because of her inner emotions but also because of her mission.

"Does that mean I have a chance?"


"That's wonderful!"

Ning Qinghuan's mood instantly went from depressed to cloud nine, and she embraced Jun Zishu out of excitement.

"I can give you plenty of time to consider. We'll talk about this matter again once I come back, okay? You can tell me whether you accept my confession at that time."

"What if you start liking another person?"

Jun Zishu caressed her chin, putting on a pondering look.

"I won't! You're the person I like the most!" Ning Qinghuan firmly declared.

"Are you sure you're not confusing your fondness for me for something else?"

The hearts of youths were fickle. Thus, Jun Zishu wouldn't casually believe Ning Qinghuan's words.

Not to mention, Jun Zishu still hadn't fully recovered from the shock Ning Qinghuan's confession had brought her. No matter how she thought about it, she still found it unbelievable.

From childhood to adulthood, Jun Zishu had never lacked confessions from other people. She could even count in the love letters she had collected over the years in piles.

However, the number of face-to-face confessions Jun Zishu had experienced was few and far between. This was because she had always portrayed herself as an elite student to others, so she became an existence that others looked up to.

Even so, regardless of who confessed to her, Jun Zishu's answer would always be the same.

When she was still studying, she would reject confessions using the excuse of focusing on her studies. When she started working, she would reject confessions using the excuse of focusing on her career.

Others might be willing to waste time on love, but not Jun Zishu. After all, why should she waste a huge portion of her youth to enter a relationship with some stranger?

Rather than enter a relationship, Jun Zishu preferred to read books and earn more money instead.

To Jun Zishu, love affairs did not exist. She was a busy person.

As for the current situation, her mission was naturally her priority. But what should she do if her mission target wished to have a romantic relationship with her?

Jun Zishu decided she needed to ponder over it for now.

"Of course it isn't a misconception. If it isn't love, why would I want to kiss you? Why would I want to do…this."

Ning Qinghuan suddenly slipped her hand under Jun Zishu's shirt and hooked a finger under the strap of Jun Zishu's dudou.

"You scoundrel!"

Jun Zishu blushed. Then, she stretched a hand to her back to hold down Ning Qinghuan's misbehaving hand.

"I really like you."

Ning Qinghuan pushed Jun Zishu down onto the bed and started rubbing and kissing Jun Zishu's neck.

Ning Qinghuan's actions tickled and stimulated Jun Zishu. After pushing Ning Qinghuan away while laughing, Jun Zishu complained, "Big Sister! I still haven't accepted your confession!"

"Little Sister… My little sister… Little Wan'er…"

Ning Qinghuan called out to Jun Zishu in a sweet and bewitching tone, the joy on her face clear for all to see.

"I won't accept your confession if you keep behaving like this, Big Sister!"

"Okay, okay, okay. I'll stop messing around, I'll stop messing around."

Ning Qinghuan got off from Jun Zishu's body. However, she still couldn't help herself from wrapping an arm around Jun Zishu's waist.

"I knew you wouldn't hate me," Ning Qinghuan happily said.

"Why would I hate you? I will only hate you if you do something that I detest."

"I won't, I won't. I'll do whatever you say, Little Sister."

"You're not allowed to lie to me, Big Sister."

"I won't lie to you, Little Sister. So, how about letting me kiss you again? I'll be leaving in another two days."

Taking advantage of the fact that Jun Zishu wouldn't reject her, Ning Qinghuan desperately tried to gain as many benefits as possible for herself. She also felt that her little sister liked and had feelings for her as well. Otherwise, there was no way Jun Zishu would allow her to get so intimate with her.

"You dirty scoundrel."

Jun Zishu covered her mouth, refusing to let Ning Qinghuan have her way.

"I'm only behaving like this because I like you. Other people shouldn't even dream of seeing this side of me," Ning Qinghuan said, snorting.

"Where did you learn to speak like this, Big Sister? If Uncle and Auntie find out about this, they'll definitely… Ah… Big Sister, what about Uncle and Auntie…"

"Don't worry. So long as you are willing to stay with me forever, you can leave the rest to me," Ning Qinghuan said as she held Jun Zishu's hands and intertwined their fingers. "You don't need to rush in giving me an answer. You don't need to worry about those things, either."


[Host, Host, I found it! There are past examples of such situations, and the Department allows them. There are even some people who deliberately complete their missions in such a way. However, it still depends on the host's wishes.]

My wishes?