Chapter 10
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Desires were what led people to be used by others.

Jun Zishu smiled as she looked at Pei Xiuyun.

"Big Sister Pei, you like the fifth prince, right?"

"So what?"

Pei Xiuyun didn't feel the need to hide her feelings for the fifth prince at all. It wouldn't affect her in any way, even if others found out about it.

"But you can't marry him, right? As long as my cousin and the fifth prince remain close to each other, you will never get to be the official wife."

"So? What's your point?"

Pei Xiuyun's expression turned a little ugly. However, she didn't put on a pitiful appearance like she normally did, probably because the "dirt" she had on Jun Zishu had given her confidence.

"Ah, I misspoke. Even if my cousin steps away from the competition, with your status alone, there's no way you will ever get to marry the fifth prince as his main wife and become the fifth princess consort."

"On what basis do you have to lecture me? When it comes to status, you're even lower than me."

Jun Zishu had poked at Pei Xiuyun's sore spot. Pei Xiuyun hated her lack of status the most. After all, this was the main factor preventing her from marrying the fifth prince as his primary wife.

"What about it? Unlike you, I'm not vying for a position that doesn't belong to me. You should know that my cousin dislikes you, right? Have you ever imagined what kind of outcome would await you once you marry the fifth prince as his concubine?"

"Big Brother Five will side with me."

"Oh? Is that so? Are you so certain? To him, achieving his ambition is more important than anything else. What can you help him with in this regard? Also, can you compete with my cousin in terms of appearance? Once my cousin gives birth to a child, you'll probably end up in an even worse position, right?" Jun Zishu said, grinning.

"What are you trying to say?"

At this point, Pei Xiuyun realized that the girl in front of her was similar to herself, so she decided to get straight to the point.

"How about we work together?"

"What do you propose?"

"You've seen for yourself that the fourth prince and I ha

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