Chapter 77: Empress
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Martial Cultivator Chapter 77: Empress

The four members of the academy were fetched by horse carriages sent from the palace. But the remaining six, whether they were Chen Chao who represented the warden faction, or young geniuses from the Heavenly Imperial Institution, or those descendants of aristocratic families, they all entered the palace on their own.

This seemingly minor difference in treatment actually revealed a lot. It could be said that the respected status of the academy could be reflected here, but it could also be said that the academy had always been an outsider to the Great Liang Dynasty. This kind of reception was the attitude towards guests from start to end.

Sitting in the manure cart that transformed into a prison wagon, then transformed from a prison wagon to a horse carriage, Chen Chao was sizing up this vast Divine Capital along the way.

The Divine Capital was too large for the common people living here to traverse in their lifetime. Even someone like Chen Chao might not be able to see the Divine Capital's entirety in his lifetime unless he deliberately made an effort to explore it.

Although the carriage was simple, it had the emblem of the Left Guard and the journey was extremely smooth. However, even so, it was already dark before they made it halfway there. Fortunately, the time had been calculated before they came. At this moment, there was still some time before the imperial banquet started. If nothing unexpected happened, they could still arrive at the palace within the designated time no matter what.

It had been a long time since they last met, but Weng Quan had not changed. He was still a talkative person and he talked a lot on the way, whether it was about family matters or trivial matters in the Left Guard's office. There was nothing he did not talk about. Even though Chen Chao was long prepared, he still felt a headache at the moment.

It was just that during the journey from Tianqing County to the capital city, he could not make Weng Quan change anything. But now, things were different. Chen Chao said woodenly without an

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