Chapter 76: Imperial Banquet
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Martial Cultivator Chapter 76: Imperial Banquet

The Myriad Willow Convention occurred once every ten years, but it was not always held in the Divine Capital. In the two hundred plus years of the Great Liang Dynasty, it was the first time being held in the Divine Capital, so it was also the first time for such an imperial banquet.

The ten youngsters who were attending the banquet were naturally informed by the respective places they belonged to. As one of the four people from the academy, Xie Nandu was naturally notified long ago. Furthermore, it was even her senior brother Wei Xu who personally told her. In addition, whether it was the Heavenly Imperial Institution or the several great families, there were naturally people who would go and notify them too.

Chen Chao belonged to the Warden Office and the person responsible for informing him was naturally his direct superior, Song Lian.

Given Song Lian's current obsession with the girl of his dreams, it was not surprising that he had forgotten about it.

But for Chen Chao, this was not a good thing

However, what else could he say or do in this current situation? Could he point at Song Lian's nose and scold him? Even if the latter was no longer his immediate superior, his cultivation realm that was genuine was still there. Even if Chen Chao was in the right, he might not be able to gain any advantage too.

"I really got to hand it to you, Lord Song!"

Chen Chao gritted his teeth and turned around to leave.

While Song Lian smiled and said, "I said in a few days, but I didn't specify on what day."

Chen Chao was expressionless and could not be bothered to pay attention to him and left on his own.

Song Lian called out from behind, "Remember to continue helping me after you enter the palace!"

Chen Chao ignored him and returned to the academy with a helpless feeling. This time, he was in no mood to look at the weeping willows on both sides of the lake as he walked by.

When he returned, it was right in the thick of twilight. Xie Nandu had just finished reading a book and was rubbing her foreh

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