Chapter 452: Many
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Martial Cultivator Chapter 452: Many

Yang Furen looked at Chen Chao and smiled, "This old man said that it wasn't good for making sword sheaths, but do you use a sword?"

Chen Chao furrowed his brow, somewhat puzzled. "Then why did Mountain Lord ask me to choose the green bamboo?"

Yang Furen did not explain, but simply gestured for Chen Chao to carry the green bamboo and continue up the mountain with him.

The green bamboo was as heavy as a thousand pounds, but for Chen Chao, it was no problem. Years of body tempering had made his body tougher than ordinary metal and stone. As for his strength, it naturally went without saying.

As he carried the bamboo up the mountain, they soon passed through a forest where the tree trunks were glowing red. Chen Chao reached out to touch them and found that the trees themselves emitted a rolling heat, and the temperature did not seem low at all.

"It's just firewood," Yang Furen said.

As the place where they know how to forge flying swords best in the world, Chen Chao was not surprised by anything related to flying swords at Sword Qi Mountain. He just had not expected that there would be a whole forest dedicated to mere firewood on Sword Qi Mountain.

"When that girl ascended the mountain before, this old man originally thought she would at most choose one flying sword and then leave the mountain. But unexpectedly, she ended up taking away nine flying swords from me. Nine swords that were only slightly inferior to the Hundred Year Swords. Even this old man felt heartache about it. If she hadn't had a master already, that girl wouldn't have been able to leave the mountain. I reckon Sword Qi Mountain will have one more female sword immortal soon."

Yang Furen brought up Xie Nandu for some unknown reason, but his words carried some meaning regarding Chen Chao.

Chen Chao just smiled quietly from behind.

"Rumor has it that you and that young lady have quite a relationship. Do you have thoughts of becoming Dao companions?"

Yang Furen chuckled, his mood visibly improved.

Chen Chao replied, "It's hard to say. We've tr

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