Chapter 451: Choose a Green Bamboo
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Martial Cultivator Chapter 451: Choose a Green Bamboo

When Xiao Hezheng's name was mentioned, there might not be anyone who knew. However, when the title "Northern Frontier Great General" was brought up, even the most reclusive cultivators would likely have heard of him. This was one of the top three martial artists in the Great Liang Dynasty, a supremely powerful martial artist with a great reputation.

The gatekeeping disciples seemed to feel the weight of those words. After a moment of silence, one of them cupped his hands and said, "Please wait a moment, Fellow Daoist."

Chen Chao nodded, his expression calm.

While Chen Chao waited at the mountain gate, Lin Xian had already arrived, panting heavily. The young sword cultivator placed a hand on Chen Chao's shoulder and said, "You... this guy... really deserves..."

Before finishing his sentence, Lin Xian stood up straight. His blue and white robe was now full of holes. One could imagine the hardships he had suffered while climbing the mountain.

But soon, he noticed that Chen Chao was standing in front of the mountain gate without being allowed in, Lin Xian said gleefully, "See, I told you, even if you made it to the gate, it doesn't mean you'll be allowed in!"

Chen Chao could not be bothered with him and simply glanced at him before smiling and saying, "Remember to change your clothes."

Lin Xian straightened his body and snorted coldly, then introduced himself to the gatekeeping disciples, "Lin Xian from Jade Summit Mountain, here to seek a sword."

Of course, he did not forget to hand over his letter of introduction.

The gatekeeping disciples had clearly been informed beforehand. So after nodding, one of them stepped forward to lead this young sword cultivator who was already quite renowned in the foreign lands into the mountain. If Chen Chao had been paying attention to recent events in the foreign lands, he would have known about Lin Xian's achievements on the Latent Dragon List.

But although he entered the list, he was naturally ranked behind him.

Lin Xian followed the disciple into the mountain gate, but

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