Chapter 436.1: The World is Full of Experts - Part 1
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Martial Cultivator Chapter 436.1: The World is Full of Experts - Part 1

After exchanging blows for half a day, Liu Banbi retrieved his flying sword Embracing Cicada, and sat down with a satisfied smile, sweating profusely as he exclaimed, "That was a great fight!"

Ji Baili also took back his flying sword and approached the young sword immortal from the academy, smiling as he said, "I was lucky to win by a half-move. But you're much younger than me. In a few more years, I won't be your match anymore."

Liu Banbi had traveled a long way to the Sword Sect for a sword inquisition. Winning a match and losing one in the end was already quite good, especially considering his young age. The time he had stepped into the Nepenthe Realm was much shorter than these two sword immortals. With this result, he had already done very well.

"The Sword Sect truly lives up to its reputation, Liu Banbi is utterly convinced by my loss. It's just a pity I didn't get to see the Sect Master send out his sword."

Looking up at the Sword Sect surrounded by countless flying swords, Liu Banbi's expression was filled with respect.

Ji Baili chuckled. "Not just you, even us disciples of the Sword Sect haven't seen the Sect Master make a move in many years. Perhaps only two or three people in this world have the qualifications to make the Sect Master exert his full strength once."

Liu Banbi speculated, "Is it the Temple Master, and that old monk from the White Deer Monastery?"

Ji Baili said softly, "Now, we have to add one more: that emperor of yours."

Liu Banbi nodded and said, "When I returned south, I saw His Majesty take action with my own eyes."

Ji Baili asked curiously, "How was it?"

Liu Banbi raised an eyebrow and chuckled, "For sword immortals like us, His Majesty could fight ten with just one hand."

Upon hearing this, Ji Baili was taken aback, then immediately laughed and said, "I wouldn't believe you if you said that before, but now I have no doubts."

Liu Banbi stood up, patted his buttocks, and smiled, "Now that I'm done with the sword inquisition, I'll be returning to the Northern Frontier. If I'm

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