Chapter 411: Resolving Grudges on the Spot
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Martial Cultivator Chapter 411: Resolving Grudges on the Spot

As Chen Chao headed southeast, he soon encountered another problem. Since the person he was tracking was a cultivator whose cultivation realm was unknown, it became even more difficult to find his trail. If the cultivator chose to change direction and deviate from his original path, Chen Chao would have a hard time finding him; akin to finding a needle in a haystack.

As he pondered over this issue while traveling, Chen Chao felt a headache coming on. He even considered exposing his identity, mobilizing local wardens and constables to take action. However, after some thought, he suddenly slapped his forehead. The surrounding mountains and forests were filled with demons, who were highly sensitive to human blood vitality. Even if the cultivator deliberately concealed his aura, as long as he did not hide the aura of the mother and daughter, the demons would surely discover them.

Therefore, as long as Chen Chao questioned the nearby demons, he would be able to obtain that cultivator's whereabouts. However, getting the demons to talk was not an easy task. This was regrettable because Chen Chao was adept at dealing with these demons.

Hence, after several trips in and out of the mountain forest, Chen Chao virtually confirmed the direction in which the cultivator was headed. There was virtually no problem following that direction.

However, that cultivator's speed was too fast. Despite Chen Chao's best efforts, he could not catch up. Four days passed, and he still had not caught up to that cultivator.

At this moment, Chen Chao had ventured deep into White Deer Prefecture, moving farther away from Yellow Dragon Prefecture. Considering this back and forth, Chen Chao estimated that it would take him more than a month to return to Yellow Dragon Prefecture.

Since Chen Chao had already decided to do this thing, he definitely would not choose to give up just because of the additional time it would take. However, as time passed, he became increasingly worried about the safety of the mother and daughter.

On this day, as dusk

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