Chapter 370.1: Grand Court Session - Part 1
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Martial Cultivator Chapter 370.1: Grand Court Session - Part 1

After the Lantern Festival, it was already nearing the end of the first month of the lunar calendar. There was an old saying that if you did not mention the first month, it would not feel like the new year. But as time passed day by day, in just a few more days, the new year would truly arrive. However, for the common people under the heavens, whether was it the new year or not did not make much difference. Days pass by as usual. In the Divine Capital, the prominent figures finally anticipated the court session they both desired and dreaded at the end of the first lunar month.

This was the first court session of the fifteenth year of Tianjian, and also the first one personally presided over by the Great Liang Emperor. It was a rare grand court session. Officials of the Divine Capital, regardless of their rank, were required to attend this court session.

Therefore, even before dawn, Chen Chao left the academy and arrived at the Left Guard's office. For this court session, as the commanding officer of the Left Guard, Song Lian naturally had to attend, and as the deputy commander, Chen Chao had to accompany him. Upon arriving at the office, the officials had already prepared the formal court attire. Although Chen Chao had never worn court attire before, the Ministry of Rites would not make any mistakes. They had long ago taken his measurements. Wearing a navy blue official robe, although it was somewhat loose, Chen Chao's slender figure prevented it from appearing bulky. On the contrary, he exuded a unique charm. As for Song Lian, he was accustomed to casual wear, suddenly wearing court attire made him appear out of place.

He casually tugged on his attire, seeming not to mind much, and then turned his gaze to Chen Chao, nodding appreciatively. "Indeed handsome. Heroes emerge from the young. It won't be long before you can carve out a place for yourself in the Great Liang Dynasty."

Chen Chao did not think about these things but hesitated before asking, "A grand court session? Why haven't I heard about it before?"

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