Chapter 234: Inside the Thick Mist
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Martial Cultivator Chapter 234: Inside the Thick Mist

The story of the Sublime Bright Sect might seem to have started with the boy in Rainwater Commandery, but in reality, it began even earlier, several years before that. A few years ago, the start of that story was also a young teen.

It was more than one youth.

Perhaps it was a group of youths.

Actually, it was two youths.

Chen Chao squatted down and started digging a hole seriously. As he dug, he thought of a rather amusing youth.

Unfortunately, that youth was already dead.

Shaking his head, Chen Chao cast away the feelings of sadness from his mind and dug a deep hole. He then dragged the young man's body into it and buried him.

"I wonder if you have any family left. But this is all I can do."

Chen Chao hastily buried the corpse and stood up, continuing to walk towards the distance, still holding the broken saber in his hand.

As he continued forward, Chen Chao remembered many things. The first time he had been forced into this place, facing the unknown white mist, he had been incredibly afraid. Back then, every time he entered the white mist, he wondered if he would make it out alive. At that time, they were just ordinary teenagers. After spending too long inside the white mist, they would feel exceptionally weak. The white mist looked ordinary, but it was definitely not normal. Every time they managed to leave this place alive, it was not an easy feat.

After several trips, his body had become incredibly weak.

He remembered that day when he took the pill provided by the Sublime Bright Sect, but Chen Chao's complexion was still pale, and he had no strength left in his body. Even in this condition, he knew that he would have to enter the white mist again the next day. At that moment, Chen Chao felt despair. He knew that if he entered in this state, there was no way he would be coming out alive. From Wei Prefecture to Cang Prefecture, he had endured a lot of hardship, almost not making it through several times. He had faced despair many times, but that time, he felt it was the last.

"Here, take it."

In his

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