Chapter 15: Who’s Going to Fight Me to the Death?
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Loser System and Berserker Me Chapter 15: Who’s Going to Fight Me to the Death?

“What’s he doing?!”

Constantin XI, who had rushed up the city walls and witnessed Shu Yichao’s actions, clawed frenziedly at his hair.

“Does he not know what he’s doing, taunting an army of 200,000 alone? Do the Khitans have muscles for brains?!”

Constantin XI had planned for their troops to exploit their towering walls to fend off the enemies.

Constantinope was the crystallization of Romain wisdom. There were outer walls, inner walls, slanted inner terrace, moats, outer watchtowers, inner watchtowers…

The sheer defensive mechanisms it had were enough to rattle anyone’s brains.

Its walls comprised giant granite boulders, with the outside slanted and inside reinforced. Several hundred watchtowers and pillboxes were integrated in the walls, allowing the Romains to retaliate against any aggressors who were foolish enough to attempt a siege on the city.

Anyone looking at Constantinope’s vast walls that stretched for kilometers would have been shaken by its grandeur.

It was also why Constantin XI did not despair even though the Ottomain army was many times larger than his garrison troops. He thought that Shi Yichao’s well-equipped soldiers could inflict significant damage to the enemies if stationed on the city walls…

Yet, the Khitans gave up on their greatest advantage and instead confronted the Ottomains’ head on?

What’s going through their thick skulls?!

It pained Constantin XI to see hundreds of elites die just like that. They would have been great assets in their defense!

“Shoot that fool down!” one of the Ottomain military commanders ordered.

“We still have to siege the city in a moment’s time. We have no time to waste on such dimwits,” one of the Ottomain snipers sneered as he nocked an arrow and released it before confidently stowing away his bow.

The entire Ottomain army waited to see the fool being shot down from his steed.


The sound of the whizzing arrow was accompanied with a pained groan. An arrow pierced through the sniper’s eye, and the sheer momentum pushed him back all the way before he was fina

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