Chapter 14: The Arrogant Khitans
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Loser System and Berserker Me Chapter 14: The Arrogant Khitans

The Khitan had come from the other end of the world, bringing his indomitable army with him.

This reminded Constantin XI about the prophesied Priest King, and the sight of the young man who looked so dashing that it didn’t seem humanly possible further reinforced his conjecture.

“Suna,” Constantin XI carefully asked. “You said that he’s a little out of it?”

The Augustus’ words were already euphemistic, as Shu Yichao looked like a thorough madman. Nevertheless, Constantin XI still invited him to the imperial palace, knowing that he could be the cornerstone of an important prophecy.

However, Shu Yichao’s behavior baffled the Romains.

He refused to walk properly on the road, opting instead to run and jump haphazardly. On top of that, he wouldn’t stop switching his weapons, swapping between his scimitar and bow at a rapid speed.

Any elevated platforms he saw along the way, he would leap onto it and brandish his sword around for god knows why.

Any objects he saw on the road, he would kick it while prancing about as if it was the most entertaining thing in the world…

Even at the banquet to welcome him, he still leaped onto the table and pranced around, causing plates and cups to fall to the ground and shatter.

Who let this madman out?!

Constantin XI fell into a state of doubt.

“Your Majesty,” Madam Marti said, “he has been like this since I first saw him. It might be the Khitans’ culture.”

“…” Who are you kidding? Constantin XI doubted that.

In spite of Shu Yichao’s lack of respect, the Romain emperor didn’t lose his temper.

He knew that even though he was an emperor in name, he was actually a mayor that was on the verge of getting busted. There was no need for him to put on airs before his reinforcements.

It also helped that the ‘Khitans’ had been smashing money all over Constantinope.

The Grassland Horse Archers had been scattering money since entering the city, or more specifically, black pepper.

It was the black pepper, that was one of the few things worth more than gold!

Only the most high-end luxury stores sold suc

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