Chapter 120: Delivering the Goods
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Loser System and Berserker Me Chapter 120: Delivering the Goods

“Bob the builder~ Can we fix it!”

Shu Yichao hummed a melody as he raised more sinister buildings in Kucha.

“Finally, I have maxed them out!”

He had maxed out the buffs for stacking Soul Summoning Banners and Soul Summoning Towers, allowing him to draw out the true terror of his talent, Soul Summoning.

Soul Summoning allowed a player to reanimate deceased non-allied units as skeletons.

The developers likely intended it as a feature for undead players to obtain more troops in battle, but gamers were a creative bunch.

Non-allied units? That includes neutral units too, right?

By that logic, livestock killed in a city’s butcher are deceased hostile units too, right?

All players had to do was to construct a residential area for the living, and just the NPC activities would already create an endless stream of skeletons.

Furthermore, the Soul Summoning Banners and Soul Summoning Towers amplified the effects of the Soul Summoning talent. By overlapping their buffs, Shu Yichao had raised the chances of reanimating a non-allied unit far beyond 100%.

Cluck cluck CLUCKKKK!

A chicken had its head wrangled off. Moments later, a chicken skeleton rose from its carcass.

“Spare me! Please forgive me… AHHH!”

A prisoner was dragged out and executed. Seven skeletons rose from his single corpse.

“…” Miazova stared at this illogical sight and fell into deep thought. “I don’t understand this.”

【Mm… I don’t know how my host did it, but he has already pulled off a double kill.】

System 12345 was overjoyed. Another capture target was settled within a short span of time.

I have to admit that my host’s methods were a little extreme—even the capture targets were frightened—but again, what’s important is that everything ended well. There’s no need to fuss over the process.

My host eventually maxed out their loyalty anyway, which means that the femme fatales are okay with it. The pain they suffered at the start is just a small ripple for their sweet conclusion.

Just bear with it, and it’ll soon be over!

【Let’s continue, my host. I’ll check whom

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