Chapter 119: Population White Paper
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Loser System and Berserker Me Chapter 119: Population White Paper

【What happened?!】

System 12345 was stunned once again.

【Why did Baysema’s loyalty suddenly get maxed out? Is my host that formidable?!】

It had thought that its host would need some time to accomplish its mission.

Time is an important catalyst for two people to deepen their ties. From strangers who initially walk away after completing their trade, to acquaintances who exchange a few words, till they are finally close enough to open up to each other…

There can also be chance encounters, such as one where Baysema has no choice but to take off the host’s clothes and apply medicine on him. With a mix of embarrassment and intimacy, the distance between them slowly closes…

System 12345 could faint from excitement just thinking about the possible scenarios.

Ah, so romantic!


【It hasn’t been that long yet. How did my host already accomplish his conquest?】

System 12345 fell into deep thought.

【Let me check the data… She was initially shocked, then terrified, before everything went blank for her, and now, she is fully devoted to my host…】

【Gasp! My host, surely you didn’t…】

My host must have forced himself on Baysema to ‘convince’ her, or else her emotions wouldn’t have fluctuated in such a manner!


System 12345 could already envision what had happened.

Baysema thought that it was just another normal business transaction, but my host suddenly went on a rampage in her courtyard. She tried to escape, but it was to no avail. She tried to struggle, only to realize how powerless she was.

She could only watch in fear as my host…

Eventually, she fully submitted to my host.

The more System 12345 thought about it, the more reasonable it sounded.

【My host, I understand that you might prefer such methods, but I think it’d be better if you at least lay the foundations a bit…】

So, System 12345 nonchalantly sent Shu Yichao a bottle of aphrodisiac.

Usually, it would have vehemently opposed such immoral methods, but now…

【Mhm, my host is just conquering the capture targets, just that his means are a little violent.】

In the town

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