Chapter 95: They Are Still Safe and Sound!
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Little Tyrant Doesn't Want to Meet with a Bad End Chapter 95: They Are Still Safe and Sound!

As the final glimmer of light departed the mountain along with the setting sun, campfires were lit beside the tents constructed along the mountain slope. People slowly gathered around these campfires and chattered merrily.

This New Year Hunt was decided on a whim, but as the powerful transcendent, Carter Ascart, was with them, they hardly faced any danger along the way.

Last night, they set off from the royal palace and arrived at a village located at the foot of the mountain. From the villagers, they learned that there was a strange, massive bird that spat venom terrorizing the mountain. This had resulted in the other animals being chased out of the area.

Needless to say, this was good news for the hunting team, who were looking for a worthy prey to subjugate. The following morning, they ventured into the depths of the mountain under Prince Kane and Marquess Carter’s lead, and by noon, they had already managed to kill the bird. They found quite a few eggs in the bird’s nest and had them shipped back to the Holy Capital.

They spent the time afterward dissecting the bird, removing its feathers, skin, meat, and even its poison sac—which they were planning to use as the medium for a spell—before finally incinerating its carcass with a torch. It was a massive victory, especially given that they had protected the livelihoods of the villagers in the region too. Naturally, this was a huge cause for celebration, and the atmosphere was livelier than ever.

However, in the corner was a gloomy little silver-haired girl, that dampened the atmosphere a little.

Alicia wasn’t in a good mood at all. Her beautiful eyebrows were slightly curved downward, and her large eyes reflected her worry and frustration. It was an expression that could easily invoke the sympathy of anyone around her.

She might be stuck on this mountain, but her heart was far away in the Holy Capital. In truth, she should have attended the royal banquet together with Roel, and this New Year Hunt should have become a treasured memory between the two of them. Yet,

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