Chapter 9: I Feed, I Reap, I Happy
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Little Tyrant Doesn't Want to Meet with a Bad End Chapter 9: I Feed, I Reap, I Happy

“Come, Alicia. Try this smoked sausage.”

Nighttime, in the dining room, a silver-haired girl was seated beside Roel. Looking at him with an embarrassed blush dyeing her cheeks, she opened her cherry-like lips and waited for delicious food to be sent right into her mouth.


She bit down on the smoked sausage, causing meat juices to explode in her mouth.

Even though Alicia was already trying her best to be as prim and proper as she could, a trickle of oil still ended up flowing down her chin. The realization of her inelegant behavior caused her face to redden even further.

Seeing this sight, Roel smiled kindly as he picked up a napkin and carefully wiped her face.

“Lord Brother… I-I’ll do it myself.”

“Allow me.”

Roel insisted as he hastened his movements slightly. Out of sheer embarrassment, Alicia directed her gaze downward, not daring to look at Roel directly.

(Affection Points +200!)

Ooh Alicia, I love you!

Seeing how his Affection Points were trickling up at an insane rate, Roel’s feelings for Alicia transformed from deep fear into fanatic adoration in the course of a single day. He was starting to relate to the feelings of those idol-chasing fanboys.

What he did not know, however, was that his attentive consideration was slowly pushing the reticent Alicia onto the path of a fangirl as well. If one could peer into the vibrant world inside her heart, one would be truly surprised by how she was still able to maintain such a stoic expression on her face.

Lord Brother is such a gentle and kind person. He cares so much for me even though we’re not real siblings.

My chest feels warm, and I don’t want to part from him. B-but if I were to appear too sticky right now, would I just put him off?

Alicia clenched her small fists tightly as she recalled the pain she had been put through by those children who had oppressed her. There were also those who were curious about her and tried to get close to her by expressing their goodwill, but she could sense that Roel was different. Her experiences had made her extremely sensitive to the emotional fluctuations of those around her, and she could sense that the goodwill Roel had for her came right from the bottom of his heart.

Alicia wanted to open her heart to him; she had been alone for far too long. She had been drowning in the malice of others for too long that she was desperate to reach out for the light and warmth before her, but she was simply unable to shake off the insecurities in her.

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