Chapter 83: B-but I Haven’t Gotten On the Bus Yet!
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Little Tyrant Doesn't Want to Meet with a Bad End Chapter 83: B-but I Haven’t Gotten On the Bus Yet!

Calamity of Bloodshed.

This was a spell that Roel bought from the Gold Coin Shop while it was holding a special discount. Its effect was quite mystical, working only on a probability basis. So far, the only person whom the spell had worked on was Peter Kater. That being said, it did provide him with quite some useful information. For one, he learned that he, for some reason, had become a target for evil cults.

However, the spell was being activated for the second time this very instant. Roel saw a light-red name appearing above the golden-haired knight’s head. The fact that the color was light-red showed that the knight carried killing intent, but it wasn’t primarily targeted at him.

But what was shocking wasn’t the color of the name but rather the name itself.

【Wade’s Aide: Felder Elric (Bryan Elric)】

He wasn’t too surprised at the start, but when he noticed the name placed inside the brackets, he couldn’t remain composed any longer. It was almost as if he had been struck by a bolt of lightning.

The sudden appearance of the name ‘Bryan Elric’ left Roel’s mind blanking out. His first reaction was to wonder if that Count Bryan had been mysteriously dragged into this world when the labyrinth activated.

However, he quickly denied that possibility. For one, it was impossible for Bryan Elric to be in the vicinity of the Labyrinth Villa, and for the other, he seemed to fit perfectly into this world.

This knight’s subordination to Wade Xeclyde and the authority he wielded before the soldiers showed that he was indeed Felder Elric, a man who belonged to this era. However, the Calamity of Bloodshed couldn’t possibly make a mistake, so why would Bryan Elric’s name appear?

After thinking hard on this matter, Roel could only think of a single possibility—the Felder Elric of this generation was indeed the future Bryan Elric!

It was written in the history books that the patriarch of the Elric House had ended his life after the defeat of Wade’s allied armies in the March Turmoil. It was unlikely for this part of the history to

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