Chapter 7: Give Me A Good One
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Roel believed deeply in spending money only on things that were worth their value.

Having made a small fortune for himself, Roel spent two hours taking a more detailed look through the items in the Affection Points Exchange Shop, and he soon noticed something.

As the tip from the System had mentioned, the Gold Coin Shop mostly consisted of items that improved his individual characteristics. The items in the Affection Points Exchange Shop, on the other hand, appeared to be a little more peculiar.

Take this for example:

【Banshee’s Umbrella It screams during heavy downpours. Price: 500 Affection Points】


Are you joking with me? What is the use of something like that?

Screams during heavy downpours? What is the use of that? Would the rain disappear just because the umbrella screamed? Besides, if one were to flip its meaning around, isn’t it just an ordinary umbrella when it’s not raining then?

The cheapest good that Roel found so far cost 500 Affection Points, but it would appear that he couldn’t expect quality out of cheap stuff. The cheapest items were so bizarre that he had no idea how he could use them at all.

While Roel’s aim was to test out the functions of the Affection Points Exchange Shop, he didn’t want to buy items that he had no need for. These were precious Affection Points that he had earned by giving up his beloved milk candies and chocolate!

After spending a long time browsing through the list of items, Roel finally stumbled upon something that still looked decent.

【Skeleton Pallbearer Army The summoned beings of the Commandment Sect’s Gravediggers. Born for death, they bring joy to the living. Price: 2500 Affection Points】

Hm… I don’t really get it, but it sounds quite amazing. It should be a combat-related item, right? Furthermore, the item illustration also looks quite formidable, a huge skeleton head.

Seems like an okay choice!

Having come to a decision, Roel finally leaped down from the chair he was sitting on.

“Anna, I’ll be heading to the training field in our backyard later in the afternoon.”

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