Chapter 562: The Hidden Truth
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Inside the resplendent room, Roel looked at the System’s evaluation with eyes widened in disbelief.

【Evaluation: 66 (Average)】

“How could this be?” Roel murmured his indignation and disbelief.

66? How could my evaluation score be only 66 when my previous score was already 59?! What does this mean?

Roel subconsciously touched his waist as he suddenly felt like he had gotten nearly severed into two for nothing. He was forced to overthrow his earlier deductions.

He could hardly believe that his evaluation score had only increased by a measly 7 points when he had encountered and even fought with a god. This could only mean that his encounter with Death God Pritzer had hardly any impact on his true goal in this Witness State.

A deep frown etched on Roel’s forehead as he racked his brain to figure out where he had gone wrong. It didn’t take him long to grasp the crux of the problem.

His mission in the Witness State was to make a different choice from his ancestor. With this as the premise, he could think of various reasons that the increment in his evaluation score for this incident was lower than he had expected.

The first possibility was that the encounter with Death God Pritzer could have been a side quest with minimal relation to the main storyline.

While Roel had suffered a lot in this incident, this encounter didn’t have much impact on the ultimate choice he would have to make in the future. Even the later involvement of the Mother Goddess didn’t do much in terms of shaking up the status quo.

The second possibility was that the System had judged this assassination event to be worth only 7 points.

Death God Pritzer was indeed powerful, but he wasn’t an absurd opponent compared to what he had to overcome in his previous Witness State, be it Sire Darkness or Magician King Priestley. Besides, Roel had a powerful evil god on his side too.

The third possibility, which was the likeliest possibility but also the one that Roel least wanted to be true, was that the original Kingmaker had encountered the

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