Chapter 5: Drive It Into Your Head, This Is My Little Sister!
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Little Tyrant Doesn't Want to Meet with a Bad End Chapter 5: Drive It Into Your Head, This Is My Little Sister!

Roel suddenly recalled something—Alicia, in her younger years, was afraid of knives.

To be more exact, she was frightened of anything sharp that could potentially be used to hurt her.

As a saying back on Earth goes, ‘once bitten, twice shy’. This saying described an irrational fear toward certain objects often stemming from certain traumatic experiences, perhaps more commonly known as a phobia.

Phobias induced feelings of tension and fear in one under certain specific circumstances. Even if one knew such emotions were irrational, one’s body would still cower instinctively in the face of similar circumstances, hindering one’s daily life.

Phobias could manifest in many ways, but Alicia’s phobia was directed toward sharp objects.

As for the reason behind that… Roel could only say that those who possessed exceptional talents often had to bear great pain too.

Sighing deeply in his heart, Roel began to recall how Alicia’s childhood was depicted in the storyline.

All of Alicia’s misfortune originated from her bloodline. Yes, the same highest Silver Bloodline that Roel drooled over, Silverash Child.

Bloodlines were not as simple as they seemed in this world. They were termed as Sia’s Gifts. Sia was the creator of this world, and the continent was named after her. She was also the central faith of the Saint Mesit Theocracy. From such a perspective, possessors of bloodlines were considered as God’s Children.

The term, bloodline, was actually quite misleading. The powers granted through bloodlines weren’t always hereditary. It was common for a couple who both possessed bloodlines to give birth to a perfectly ordinary child, and it was also equally possible for bloodlines to appear amongst the children of ordinary stature.

Theft is never good, try looking at

However, bloodlines were useless until they were awakened, and awakenings were tied to the concept of ‘tier’.

Bloodlines could be classified into four tiers, the highest being ‘Gold’ and the lowest being ‘Iron’. Each awakening would raise the tier of one’s bloodline once, so a bloodline possessor might have to undergo several awakenings in order to reach the full potential of his bloodline.

To put it in other words, possessors of Silver Bloodline would have to awaken twice, and possessors of Gold Bloodline would have to awaken thrice. The number of bloodline possessors in each tier reduced exponentially up the tier, and Gold Bloodlines were so rare that there were times that they didn’t appear within a country for decades.

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