Chapter 49: Heart of Flames, Fear as Fuel
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Little Tyrant Doesn't Want to Meet with a Bad End Chapter 49: Heart of Flames, Fear as Fuel

Alicia Ascart went through one of the happiest days of her life.

Before entering the Ascart House, the time that Alicia had with her loved ones had always been limited. Her father, Larthe, due to his duties in the Knight Order, was rarely home, so spending long dull days with the servants was her norm.

But those days were broken the day her father suddenly left her.

She was adopted by the man her father died protecting, Marquess Carter.

In truth, Alicia did not have a good impression of Marquess Carter initially. No matter how mature or understanding she could be at other times, there was no way for her to reconcile herself with the situation and view favorably the man who took her father away from her.

That was why she was always respectful but distant to Marquess Carter. That was the limit of her self-control.

She treated Roel the same way during their first meeting too.

Alicia had actually heard of the vile rumors surrounding Roel prior to their first meeting, which was why she was trembling with trepidation the first time they met. She was afraid that he would become her new nightmare, just like those many others she had met before.

Thankfully, her worries proved to be unfounded this time.

Roel treated her far better than her wildest imagination. She never had any siblings before, but based on what she knew about the circle of nobility, not even blood-related siblings would treat each other that well, not to mention that she was just an adopted child.

Does he have some motive in mind?

Such thoughts had come to Alicia more than once. She had also listened to the discussions of the servants, but the conclusion she arrived at was that the only thing he could get from her was this body of hers, which was still passable in looks.

Is that it? Is my body what he wants? If that’s the case, I guess it’s all fine then.

That was what Alicia, who craved love, thought. She didn’t see any problems with entrusting her body to someone who treated her better than anyone else in the world. Rather, that was the compensation that

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