Chapter 47: Do You Love Me?
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Green! Way too green!

This was the first thought that came to Roel’s mind as Alicia wrapped her arms around him.

That’s 50,000 Affection Points! What in the world? Do I even earn that much in a month?

Roel was shaken by the green light blazing above Alicia’s head, to the point that he was screaming inside his head frenziedly. But thinking more about it, it appeared that he hadn’t received any Affection Points from Alicia throughout the ‘Bron incident’. Was this the grand total of what he had earned?

Ah, that makes sense then.

Roel shot a glance at his broken arms and legs, and he suddenly felt that it was all worth it even if it was just for this sum of Affection Points. As his shock gradually calmed down, his attention naturally wandered off to other sensations, such as…

How soft, warm, and fragrant!

Roel thought as he stroked Alicia’s hair. The texture felt a thousand times better than stroking a cat, stoking up a profound sense of satisfaction in his heart.

“I love you, Lord Brother.”

Alicia said with a voice slightly hoarse from crying.

Her sudden proclamation of love made Roel’s heart skip a beat, and he felt a slightly itchy feeling in his chest.


“Lord Brother, do you love me?”

“Ah? I-I…”

Roel didn’t expect to be suddenly bombarded with this question, such that he was stunned for a moment.

Alicia released her hold and stared at Roel eye-to-eye. There seemed to be a torrent of emotions raging in her eyes, as if she was trying to convey something to him.


Roel’s eyes widened a little. From the solemn expression on Alicia’s face and her trembling fingers, he could tell that it was not the time for him to be joking around. He could sense that she was feeling nervous, perhaps terrified even.

She was afraid of being rejected.

Is this a side effect from what Bron had said to her during the banquet? Or is it a manifestation of the unease she felt from seeing me getting stabbed back then. But in any case…

There was no way Roel could bring himself to reject her.

“I love you too, Alicia.”

Roel said dotingly as he reached out to hug the trembling little girl in front of him. Alicia burst into joyful tears.

Outside the room, Anna, who was peeping through the cracks of the door, was moved to tears by what she saw. Biting her handkerchief in agitation, she lightly closed the door shut before turning around to face the huge army of servants standing behind her.

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