Chapter 42: You Deserve to Die
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Roel would have never thought that there would be a death flag in this banquet too.

Alicia’s hatred toward the original Roel probably had its roots in this banquet too. The original Roel didn’t have the guts or capability to stop Bron, so he would have only been able to watch in trepidation from the side.

However, the current Roel was different.

Words couldn’t begin to describe how he was feeling at the moment. His mind and body were burning up as if an inferno had ignited within him. His mana started to blaze with fervor.

He finally understood why he had worked so hard to reach Origin Level 6. There had been a lingering doubt at the back of his mind if strength was really necessary for him to avert his death flags. If it wasn’t, why was he pushing himself so hard?

But now that he was standing before Bron, everything suddenly made perfect sense. All of the blood, sweat, and tears he had shed was so that he could beat this damned piece of shit into the ground!

“Y-you, where did you… ”


Roel had no interest in wasting his time listening to what Bron had to say. He raised his hand to grab the golden-haired boy’s face before abruptly smashing it into a nearby table.


Roel’s blood started pumping fast under the effects of mana, allowing him to exert superhuman strength. Bron’s head was rammed into the table with great force, nearly imprinting his facial features into it. However, Roel wasn’t happy with just this much.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!


Before anyone in the room could recover from their shock, Roel had already smashed Bron’s head into the wooden table four times, and on the fifth time, the latter’s head smashed right through. Only then did he finally stop a little.

“What a tenacious cockroach. You still aren’t going to die yet?”

Roel gazed down coldly on Bron, who was frantically trying to pull his head out from the table. It was likely that the latter was at Origin Level 6 as well, or else he would have died from the first blow.

It was also at this point in time that the gang of young nobles behind him finally snapped out of their daze.

“B-boss! Stop him!”

“Get him!”

These young nobles were all horrified to see how their leader was slammed into the table so easily, but there was no way they could back down here. There were all supposed to be Bron’s closest confidants. They had to buck up their courage and step forward even if their opponent was the young master of the Ascart House.

Eleven of them.

Roel quickly ascertained the number of enemies he had to face. He quickly cast Controlled Breathing, so as to recover the stamina he had expended on smashing Bron’s head, before flexing his unimpressive muscles toward the noble children. A fight was inevitable.

“Big brother Roel!”

“Alicia, please wait a moment. I’ll deal with these lackeys first.”

Roel first consoled the weeping Alicia before turning around to face his enemies.

He might have already reached Origin Level 6, but it would still be difficult for him to face so many enemies at once. No matter what, these lackeys were still nobles, and some of them were decently talented too. There were five of them who were at Origin Level 6, just like him.

How could he win this battle?

In a face-to-face battle, victory would be impossible. However, a battle consisted of both brawn and wits.

As long as his blows were vicious enough to instill fear in them, he could shatter their fighting will. Even if these young nobles possessed superhuman strength, their minds were still those of kids.

With such thoughts in mind, Roel picked out the strongest one of the three lackeys coming at him and chose to attack him face-to-face.

“Spell Gloves!”

With a furious roar, Roel imbued a layer of blue flames on his hands before his fist collided with the other party. With a loud cracking sound, the other party released a howl of agony.


Striking a fist imbued with Spell Gloves was just like trying to strike a metal wall. The harder one struck, the greater the rebound would have been. In such a case, the other party’s strength at Origin Level 6 bit back at him.

The other party ended up having his bone fractured, causing him to roll around the ground from the excruciating pain.

The other two lackeys who had charged forward with him froze in shock at the sight. Neither of them had reached Origin Level 6 yet, and seeing someone who was stronger than them getting done in so easily intimidated them.

Of course, Roel wasn’t going to miss this perfect opportunity to take down his enemies. He unhesitatingly flung his fist toward the two of them, sending them flying toward the wall.

After defeating the first three, Roel quickly proceeded to deal with the rest. It was an utterly chaotic battle. Those who were still Origin Level 7 were of no use at all, and they were cleared out of the battlefield with a punch each. As for the other four Origin Level 6, they were engaged in a close fight with Roel.

These Origin Level 6 noble children were indeed quite formidable. One of them had a massive physique that was as tough as stone. Even Roel’s Spell Gloves couldn’t breach his defense easily. Another one had a pair of searing hands that would melt Roel’s skin if he were to ever get a grip on Roel. As for the remaining two, perhaps it was because they had just advanced not too long ago, they didn’t have any combat spells at all.

Faced with this group of transcendents that boasted high offensive and defensive power, Roel was practically trading a blow for a blow. He used a hand to grab the searing hands to hold them in place while using his Spell Gloves to smash the other party’s face with all his might.

After knocking out the most troublesome fellow to deal with, he quickly moved on to the stonelike fellow, using a Muay Thai move that consisted of holding the other party’s shoulders down while kneeing upward, aiming straight at the other party’s crotch.


A scream of agony sounded as Roel downed yet another enemy. It was an impressive feat for him to have downed 9 out of 11 enemies alone, but he paid a heavy price for it. His clothes were tattered, a hand was blistering from being exposed to searing heat, and his knee was bleeding profusely from the tremendous impact.

Even Alicia couldn’t help but cry after seeing Roel in such a state.

In any case, Roel’s battle accomplishment thus far had thoroughly traumatized the remaining Luke and Shawn, making them not dare to step forward at all. Just one sharp look from Roel was more than enough to make them tremble in fear.

“R-Roel, it wasn’t our intention to bother the Ascart House. We wouldn’t dare. I-it’s Bron who made us bring Alicia over!”

“Y-yes, we weren’t intending on bullying her this year at all! We’re speaking the truth!”

Shawn and Luke’s words made the fatigued Roel blink his eyes quietly. He slowly processed the words of the duo before nodding his head comprehendingly.

“So, you’re the scoundrels who bullied my little sister all this while?”

“Ah? N-no, that’s not what we meant…”

“Forget it. Crawl your way out of this room, and I’ll let you off.”

Roel pointed to the doorway with a smile.

The two of them shot a hesitant glance at one another before nodding in resolution.

“Alright, we’ll do it!”

“We’ll crawl our way out, but… you must keep your end of the promise!”

Under Roel’s implicit approval, the two of them got to their knees and began crawling their way out. Yet, to their horror, Roel suddenly took this opportunity to direct four sharp kicks toward their crotches


“AHH—! Y-you!”

“Imbeciles. You sure believed my words easily. Even a fool would know that I wouldn’t let the two of you off after what you have done to my little sister!”

Roel simply sneered at the pair.

In truth, he had overexerted himself to the point where he could hardly lift his hands anymore. Even the kicks he had aimed at them were a little strained. Had it been a proper fight, he might have lost to them, but it was fortunate that they were already scared out of their wits and ended up being duped.

“But yes, I’m a person of my words. You can crawl out now. You can be assured that I won’t chase you anymore.”

Roel spoke to them smilingly. However, he suddenly noticed that there was something amiss with the expressions of the two. At the same time, Alicia’s voice sounded as well.

“Be careful!”

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Roel only managed to turn his body around before a dagger plunged straight into his stomach.

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