Chapter 416: Medical Miracle
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In the command center of Tark Stronghold, a golden-haired man stared at a prairie outside the window. Behind him were a group of men and women dressed in the saintly white robes of the Genesis Goddess Church. There was not a sound to be heard within the room despite the crowd gathered inside.

The only evidence that time hadn’t fallen still was the roaring night gale outside.

From the towering fortress, it looked as if Tark Prairie was submerged in a sea of murky darkness filled with treacherous enemies. It reflected what Prince Kane was feeling at this very instant.

Perhaps due to sensing the discomposure coming from the command center, the guards patrolling around the stronghold had intentionally lightened their footsteps, but the absence of sound only worsened the moods of the present bishops.

“Where is Nora?”

“… She’s in the Arcane Ice Lake, Prince Kane.”


The Chief of Rites, Bishop Kathleen, carefully answered Prince Kane’s question.

As one of the top leaders of the church, Kathleen had never had to tread warily around anyone before. She was respected no matter where she went, and her words were taken as edicts. Yet, this competent woman was speaking in a carefully controlled tone.

It couldn’t be helped since she knew why Prince Kane was in such a terrible mood.

A month ago, as a side effect from her overly swift bloodline awakening, the princess of the Saint Mesit Theocracy, Nora, showed signs of Seraphication and ended up losing control. That incident took the entire church by shock.

Holy Eminence John immediately ordered a lockdown on the news before dispatching many experts from the Rites Department to accompany Nora to the Tark Stronghold for treatment.

Back when they first received the edict, the bishops of the Rites Department heaved a huge sigh of relief. It had been a while since they had to deal with any cases of Seraphication, so Nora’s situation had completely caught them off guard. They felt that it would be easier for them to treat Nora once she moved to Tark Stronghold.

Seraphication could be

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