Chapter 36: Rejecting the Queen is a Tradition of Our House
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Little Tyrant Doesn't Want to Meet with a Bad End Chapter 36: Rejecting the Queen is a Tradition of Our House

The Labyrinth Villa was quite a renowned place inside Holy Capital Loren. Rumors abounded amongst the populace that this property of the Ascart House was unbreachable.

According to rumor, if the person entering was welcomed by the owner, everything would function normally within the villa. However, if the person wasn’t welcomed by the owner, he would be faced with a labyrinth that he would never be able to escape from.

This rumor had been around for so long that it was impossible to trace its origin anymore, but it did show the deference the populace held toward the Ascarts as a magician house that wielded mystifying powers.

And Roel had the honor of living in this scenic location as one of its masters.

“Father, are the rumors true?”

While admiring the classical design of the villa that had come from over a hundred years back, Roel couldn’t resist asking Carter about the authenticity of the rumors.

That question made Carter chuckle to himself. He brought Roel and Alicia over to his study. After settling down on the chairs, he began sharing the history of their house.

“This villa was built by the patriarch of the Ascart House three generations ago, who happens to also be my grandfather, Ponte Ascart. It currently has more than 170 years of history behind it.”

Through Carter’s explanation, Roel and Alicia learned about a history that was not only unknown to the general populace but was recorded only in the most confidential historical records.

Around 200 years ago, the royal family of the Saint Mesit Theocracy, the Xeclydes had a pair of twins, a son and a daughter. The son was named Wade Xeclyde, whereas the daughter was named Victoria Xeclyde. This pair of siblings were highly talented, reaching Origin Level 4 at a very young age.

This should have been good news to the Xeclydes, but in an unexpected twist of events, Princess Victoria discovered that her little brother, Prince Wade, was actually related to an evil cult.

It was utterly scandalous for the successor of the Theocracy’s Holy Eminence to be involved with an evil cult. Anyone else would have immediately raised an outrage upon learning of this matter. However, the sharp-witted Victoria didn’t do so.

She knew how sensitive her position as the second-in-line to the throne was, and acting without careful preparation could result in her being labeled as a rebel. So, after careful consideration, she decided to inform her spells teacher, Ponte Ascart, about the matter.

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