Chapter 3: Something Is Wrong Here
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Little Tyrant Doesn't Want to Meet with a Bad End Chapter 3: Something Is Wrong Here

“Thank god!”

A sudden scream of excitement sounded from the study room, causing the maid standing at attention outside to jolt in fright.

As if a brave warrior who had found a ray of hope in the midst of despair, the little boy inside the study room stared at the System Interface in front of him with his eyes widened expectantly.

【System initialized.】
【Welcome to the House Resurgence System!】

It’s here! It really is what I think it is!

Roel looked at the three words ‘House Resurgence System’ with his eyes brimming with tears of relief.

As expected of his System, it was tailored right down to his needs!

He was still thinking that there was no way to save the Ascart House when his System delivered what he needed right into his hands. With such a System on his side, what did he have to fear?

Let me see what there is on the System!

【World scanning completed. Host scanning completed. Installation of Affection Point Exchange Shop completed. Installation of Gold Coin Shop completed. User Interface created.】

【Name: Roel Ascart
Gender: Male
Age: 9
Bloodline: Iron
Epithet: -
Tier: F- (Magician Apprentice)
Spells: Minor Heatwave, Phantom Hands (Defective)】


I never knew that there’s still a F- beneath F…

Roel stared at his User Interface back and forth twice. In the end, he could only sigh deeply and admit to the fact that he was indeed a weakling.

A Magician Apprentice when he was already 9-year-old? Who in the world would believe that his father was the Chief Magician of the Holy Knight Order?!

Search Hosted Novel for the original.

The little boy clutched his forehead as he lamented the lackadaisical life he had lived prior to recalling his memories. Shaking his head, he decided to try out his two spells first.

Minor Heatwave allowed him to produce a slight gust of warmer wind, creating an effect reminiscent of a hairdryer. As for Phantom Hands, it was a spell that granted one the ability of telekinesis. As for why there was the additional tag of (Defective) behind it…


Roel looked at the invisible hand floating before him, which had nothing but its middle finger, and he suddenly felt like he had been grievously humiliated.

Forget it, none of this is important. As long as I have the help of the System, I’ll surely be able to rise against all odds! Let me see what is there in the Exchange Shop first…

Roel calmed himself down before turning his attention back onto the System.

【Affection Point Exchange Shop:
You can collect the affection intelligent beings carry for you in your vicinity and convert them into points. These points can be used to purchase facilities and items that will aid you in the resurgence of your noble house. The types of affection include kinship, friendship, romance, respect, infatuation, and such. Exchanged items cannot be refunded, so please proceed with caution.】

【Gold Coin Shop:
You can use the wealth that you have accumulated in reality to purchase personal goods that include combat-related items, daily life necessities, occupational tools, and such. Purchased items cannot be refunded, so please proceed with caution.】

【The goods available in the Affection Point Exchange Shop and Gold Coin Shop will be refreshed once every month, and special discounts will be available on certain dates. The user is advised to pay careful attention to the two shops.】

“Hm? Special discounts? Wow, it seems quite friendly… but is that all?”

Roel inspected every nook and cranny of the two shops, but he wasn’t able to find anything else at all.

“Hold it for a second, this isn’t right. Isn’t a System supposed to give out quests for the main storyline with rewards on the line? I mean, even a minor quest would do too! Like killing slimes at the village entrance for a short dagger, or finding a missing cat for potions… Isn’t that the norm for Systems?”

【The House Resurgence System is a passive system. The user is advised to live life passionately and strive to be independent. This System strongly objects to the act of holding the user hostage to its whims and ordering the user around like a tool. As the saying goes, a man should constantly seek to improve himself on his own accord. 】


What just happened? Did I just get taught a life lesson by a system?

Moreover, there are actually passive systems nowadays too? Wow, the variety sure has expanded fast!

The shocked Roel took a look at his Iron Bloodline and F- tier on his User Interface before retorting.

“Boss, my head is practically resting under the guillotine right now. I don’t even know when my house is going to fall from grace, and you’re still in the mood to be educating me here? I’m begging you, just treat me like a tool, alright? It’s at least better than dying!”

【Life is precious, but even more so is freedom.】


The hell. Is this System from France?

“Can’t you at least point a way out for me? I’m really desperate right now!


【The user’s call for help has been accepted. Scanning the user’s body. Scanning completed. The user is advised to check the shops. Redirecting to the Gold Coin Shop.】

【The user is advised to keep a close eye on the items relating to bloodline and constitution enhancement. The Affection Point Exchange Shop and Gold Coin Shop are being refreshed.】

【3, 2, 1… Refresh complete.】

As the voice sounded from the System, Roel saw rows of shining shields and two-handed swords disappear right before his eyes, replaced with a page filled with dark-colored, bizarre goods that gave off ominous vibes.

Roel’s heart skipped a beat. He began looking through the list one by one.

Nine-headed Serpent Staff, Raphaen’s Fingernail Book, Bec’s Skull, Primitive Stone of Terror… Holy shit, what the hell are all of these? Wait a moment… Bronze Bloodline!

There was one item at the very end of the list that made Roel open his mouth wide in shock. He quickly focused his attention and took a closer look at it.

【Blood Servant of Raphaen (Lower Bronze Bloodline)

A bloodline created by Great Warlock Raphaen to prolong his longevity after he descended into lunacy. His cruel experiments have led to the death of thousands of innocent civilians, invoking the rage of the populace on the continent. He eventually lost his life to a crusade against him. However, before his death, he managed to create a nigh-indestructible bloodline of the nightmares. Rumors have it that some of the unfortunate civilians who have been experimented on by him still loiter around their graves to this day.

Bloodline Effect: Swift Regeneration
Side Effect: Sanity Corrosion
Price: 10,000 Gold Coins】

“Sanity Corrosion? W-who in the world would dare to use something like this? Besides… this is too expensive!”

Roel’s handsome face twitched upon seeing the description of the item.

10,000 gold coins! What did that mean?

“Even as the son of a marquess, I only receive 10 gold coins as pocket money every month! For an ordinary family, as long as they scrimped and saved, 28 gold coins would be roughly enough for them to last a year! How is it that your Lower Bronze Bloodline costs a whopping 10,000 gold coins? Not to mention, it’s still an inferior good that can turn a person into a fool…”

【Bloodline enhancement is a highly difficult feat. The System’s price is fair and impartial. Great power comes at a great cost. The user should think it through carefully and proceed with caution.】

“Why is it that Alicia’s Silverash Child Bloodline has no side effects then?”

【The top bloodlines of each tier suffer from minimal or no side effects.】


Fine, I get it. Alicia is all great and mighty. I’ll admit it, alright?

“But no matter what, it’s still too expensive. I’m just a nine-year-old! Where am I to find that much money?”

【The user is advised to take a look at the Affection Point Exchange Shop to obtain tools that would improve the Ascart House’s revenue before using the money earned to improve himself. The user’s strength will be essential in leading the Ascart House to a bright future. Only through forming such a virtuous cycle will the user be able to overcome his death flags and enjoy a fulfilling life.】

“I see. I’ll take a look at the Affection Point Exchange Shop then.”

Roel was persuaded by the long speech made by the System, so he decided to take a look at the Affection Point Exchange System first. But soon enough, his face turned grim once again.

【Spring of Holy Water (High)
Reinvigorating water that heals the injuries of the heart. It will summon our friends.
Price: 2,500,000 Affection Points】

【Light of Tuspark
Light shines through the darkness, dispelling them from sight.
Price: 300,000 Affection Points Per Light】

【Enchantment Workshop of the Shining Armor
A snapshot of the lost technology of the Gulbator Empire. It’s a basic production line of the armor of the legendary soldiers, Undying Bators. Used for primary enchantment and reinforcement.
Price: 700,000 Affection Points】

“Other than the last item, why are the descriptions of the items so vague? I have completely no idea what they are used for at all. Besides, they are all so expensive!”

【The descriptions will be altered in accordance with the circumstances of the user. Affection Points are easier to earn, so the user need not worry too much about it.】

【Congratulations, you have obtained: Emblem of Glory】

【Emblem of Glory: The charisma of a hero is unstoppable. A person equipped with this item will emanate a slight yet inconspicuous seductive charm. Its effects vary per person.】

“Hm? Seductive charm? In other words, if I wear it, it’ll be beneficial to me in winning the affection of others?”

【Bingo. The item has already been given out. The user is advised to quickly equip it.】

Right after the System said those words, bits of light began gleaming from Roel’s hand. It looked similar to how the fireflies of the Ascart Fiefdom would usually frolic in his hands during the past summer nights. By the time the little boy returned to his senses, the light had already formed a small emblem on his palm.

“Is this… the key to changing my fate?”

The adorable black-haired boy muttered to himself as he grasped the emblem in his hand tightly. He did want to try out the effect of the emblem right away, but whose affection should he try to win over? Regarding this question…

“Is that even a question at all?”

Roel pinned the silver emblem on his chest as a silver-haired silhouette flashed across his mind. A hardy expression reminiscent of a soldier fighting against all odds appeared on his face.

“Alicia Ascart, here I come!”

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