Chapter 26: The Meagre
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This was a name that no one in Sia Continent didn’t know of.

In this world, where the flow of information was severely limited by geographical distance, it was only natural that those who were born in the Austine Empire wouldn’t have heard of the Theocracy’s Xeclydes, and vice versa with the Austine Empire’s Ackermanns. But the name, Sorofya, was known by almost everyone regardless of which country they were from.

And the reason for that was the Sorofya Merchant Association.

The merchant association was born in the Rosa Merchant Confederacy, which was located at the heart of the Sia Continent. Its name was derived from the Rosa River that flowed through the entire northeast region.

Ease of travel, imparted by the river, and an ideal geographical location, allowed the area to swiftly grow into a trading hub shortly after the inception of the Third Epoch. Despite so, the civilians living there didn’t enjoy good lives.

This important trading hub was a strategic military location as well, making it a place countries fought for. To make things worse, Rosaians were incredibly wealthy, which meant that a successful military campaign could very well reap great benefits.

As a result of that, Rosa ended up changing hands many times.

This tragedy continued until 200 years ago, when Rosa was under the rule of the notorious tyrant emperor of the Austine Empire, Karwen II. The Rosaian merchants were finally unable to tolerate the brutal rule of their colonial masters, so they raised their flags and staged a revolt, eventually leading to the founding of the Rosa Merchant Confederacy.

Of course, all was not smooth during the founding of the nation.

The few major merchant houses who masterminded the revolution faced immense pressure from the Austine Empire, both militarily and financially. Some of them gave in to the monetary incentive provided by the Austine Empire and backstabbed the revolution, whereas others caved to the military pressure and raised their hands in surrender.

There was only one merchant house that co

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