Chapter 96 - The Great Rat King
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 96 - The Great Rat King

With a clang, the teeth and horns collided, like a clash of metal.

Boom! The entire cave shook.

The rat daemon pushed Li Qingshan against the rock wall, and his legs plowed two deep tracks in the ground. Even with his strength that he took pride in, he was not the rat daemon’s opponent at all. Daemons with inner cores and daemons without inner cores were two completely different things. The ill omen in his heart peaked. He saw the rat daemon’s eyes shine with a crafty light as another spike protruded out from the wall, stabbing at the immobilised Li Qingshan.

Xiao An wielded his sword with both hands and swung it at the rat daemon’s neck, but its long tail swept him away like a steel whip.

Xuanyue attacked again. Her sharp claws produced four streaks of sharp light. Under the terrified gaze of the rat daemon, she easily pierced through the protective daemon qi around the rat daemon. The previously unstoppable rat daemon was cut to pieces, dying on the spot.

No matter how tough it seemed, it was still puny before Xuan Yue, a Daemon General that had undergone a heavenly tribulation.

Li Qingshan kicked aside the rat daemon’s corpse, and the daemon core in his hand no longer moved. He touched the wall behind him, and a part of it had already protruded out. If Xuanyue had acted slightly later, he would have suffered heavy injuries even if he survived.

“You’re far too dumb!” Xuanyue evaluated.

“If it weren’t for you, why would I have come to a place like this?” In total, Li Qingshan had only been cultivating for half a year so far, while the rat daemon was over a century old at the very least. Before absolute strength, it would never be easy for him to triumph against a stronger opponent.

Just when Xuanyue wanted to refute him, she suddenly sensed something. Her expression changed. “Let’s go! We need to change where we stay!”

Li Qingshan did not sense anything, but seeing how stern she was, he immediately grabbed Xiao An and left.

The cave trembled. The entrance that was originally several meters wide seemed to become al

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