Chapter 924 - Purging Demons (Two)
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 924 - Purging Demons (Two)

A crescent moon illuminated the barren mountain, obscured by the clouds formed from the red and black demon qi. It had also been dyed a crimson red.

A huge demonic formation was raised out of stone on the barren mountain. The jagged rocks were engraved with strange demonic glyphs, standing in rings upon rings. A plume of demon qi rushed into the air in the centre of the concentric circles, linking the sky with the earth and spreading out a thick, demonic cloud in the sky.

Looking down from above, heads surged on the barren mountain. Thickly-dotted demonfolk surged about like ants. Under the commands of the Demon Generals, they carried the stone pillars to their designated locations. As the pillars were erected, the surging demon qi became even denser, shrouding the moon and stars.

Their bodily strength far surpassed mortals, but the onerous labour still made the demonfolk complain everywhere. They were not low-level corpses and ghosts from the Hungry Ghost realm. They also possessed regular emotions.

Crack! A resounding whip flew through the air. A four-armed, four-legged demonfolk supervisor swung the metal whip in his hand, lashing it viciously against a slacking demonfolk’s head. His head immediately exploded, and he rolled down the mountain.

“That’s the fate of anyone who still dares to slack. Keep working! Don’t stop!” The demonfolk supervisor swung his metal whip and glanced down the mountain. He revealed a vicious smile.

The slacking demonfolk’s corpse rolled to the bottom of the mountain, without budging at all. A while later, the “corpse” suddenly leapt to its feet, rushing off into the jungle with half a head.

Pairs of red eyes lit up in the jungle. Screech! Screech! Screech! Screech! Black figures whistled through the canopy, tailing closely behind the demonfolk before swarming down at the same time.

As it turned out, they were a group of wild monkeys. These monkeys that should have been no different from regular beasts had become extremely aggressive and vicious. Basically all of their fur had fallen off, revea

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