Chapter 886 - The Bloodjaw Blade
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 886 - The Bloodjaw Blade

“The Asura realm sure is generous!” Li Qingshan praised. He wanted a handy weapon, and it directly gave him an entire armoury. Then he asked Yin Qing, “Oh I forgot to ask you, but was that voice really the Asura realm itself?”

This was what he was most curious about. Did a world also possess life and consciousness?

“Apologies, I don’t know about that. As an Asura Commander, I’ve yet to touch on a secret as profound as that. You’ll have to investigate it yourself. If you really are the person of legends, then you’ll definitely learn about this secret!”

After spectating Li Qingshan’s battle against the giant god of fire, she held Li Qingshan in even greater respect. She had stopped brushing him aside indifferently like she did in the beginning, without any regard for her own life. She now showed respect from the bottom of her heart.

A quick look at will leave you more fulfilled.

“I’d like to ask something. What is a person of the legends?”

“The Asura realm and Heaven realm are at constant war with one another, but they suffer more defeats than victories, all because lord Śakra has united the heavens. All beings of the Heaven realm pool their efforts together, while the Asura realm is stuck in a state of disunity. The legend speaks of the birth of an asura demon god, who will rally everyone against heaven and achieve an unprecedented victory.”

“That sure does sound interesting. Do you think I resemble the person of legends?” Li Qingshan spread his arms and stood in a pose.

“I’ve never seen the person of legends, so how can I answer that question? However, since the mysterious existence has given you the Asura Altar of Armaments, you must bear some resemblance!”

Yin Qing admired Li Qingshan, but even she could not say Li Qingshan was the “person of legends”, as there were simply far too many of these “people of legends” in the Asura realm. Every single Asura King she had seen believed they were the “person of legends”. There were countless asura that had obtained the mysterious existence’s words of inspiration or even reward.

From a certain perspective, if Li Qingshan did enter the Asura realm, then he could be regarded as an elite among asura. He possessed the spirit and strength to dominate an entire region. He was worthy of her fealty. However, he was nothing special compared to the other elites.

Li Qingshan smiled. “It’s not like you’ll die if you just suck up to me a little. Whatever. Let’s try out the Asura Altar of Armaments first. Though, just what weapon should I exchange for?”

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