Chapter 72 - The Black Tiger Leaves its Den
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 72 - The Black Tiger Leaves its Den

“Yes, yes, yes. Sheriff Li is a great hero, a great man. You would never take advantage of my mere establishment. It’s me who has acted like a snob.” The manager was overjoyed, immediately stowing the silver away and replying with respect.

Li Qingshan turned around and left through the door as a few people of the jianghu whispered among themselves.

“Is that the Descended Tiger, Li Qingshan? Turns out that he’s just a kid.”

“What kid? He personally destroyed the Black Wind stronghold and the Dragon’s Gate sect. And, I heard he’s skilled in a move called the ‘Black Tiger Digs out the Heart’...”

“What so special about the Black Tiger Digs out the Heart? I know it as well. Who doesn’t know how to use it in the jianghu?” To the people of the jianghu, this was basically the most generic move out there.

“Shut up, don’t interrupt me. Every person he killed has had their hearts dug out. Could you do that?”

The table of people collectively gasped. “What brutal methods!”

“That’s why we have to be as careful as we can this time.”

A few days passed, and more and more people of the jianghu appeared in Qingyang city. The attacks that Li Qingshan had been watching out for never actually happened during this time. Everyone watched and observed silently. The infamy that came with killing people and digging out their hearts really did have an extremely great effect. And, the more people of the jianghu there were, the more careful and vigilant they would be. They were afraid of stalking their prey but being unaware of someone else stalking them.

Li Qingshan was overjoyed that no one disturbed him. He could concentrate entirely on training. He would become slightly stronger with each passing day. However, his figure rapidly thinned down as well. He was basically close to returning to his original size.

However, this was different from the frail thinness of before. The current him was like a piece of steel, constantly being hammered and tempered. His volume decreased, but he became denser and denser. Simply by standing there, he was lik

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