Chapter 71 - Drinking and Practising
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 71 - Drinking and Practising

Li Qingshan thought to himself, Perhaps this is the true strength of the government. But it only makes sense like that. Since when was there ever the principle of the weak ruling over the strong? Anyone who gains power would strive for greater authority. How are ordinary people supposed to rule over the people of the jianghu with their powerful martial arts?

The Hawkwolf Guard must have been an important force of the government. Just like how there would be more peace to cultivate in the government, joining would save a lot of trouble. “Doesn’t mean I don’t have a chance.”

“I believe you can do it!” Huang Binghu still thought he was considering joining the Hawkwolf Guard. He had already learnt that Li Qingshan had destroyed the Dragon’s Gate sect last night in just two hours. However, as opposed to others, he had experienced a feeling of ‘just as I had thought’ when he received this news, apart from the usual shock.

Ever since he had met Li Qingshan, Li Qingshan had been rapidly growing at an unbelievable rate. He could not help but think about what Li Qingshan had said back then, “I will definitely become an innate master!” Originally, he treated it not too seriously like something a child had said, but he believed it now. As long as Li Qingshan did not die along the way, he would definitely become such a master.

Li Qingshan decided on temporarily throwing such a distant matter to the back of his head. “Apart from the tiger bone alcohol, are the bamboo baskets holding that?”

“That’s right! It’s ginseng!” Huang Binghu opened the bamboo baskets. They were actually filled with ginseng.

When Li Qingshan had purchased ginseng with his huge sum of a thousand taels of silver, the amount was probably not even a tenth of the quantity contained in the bamboo baskets. It made sense with how much tiger bone they had, but the Drawn Reins village was not a village known for foraging ginseng. He could smell blood from Huang Binghu’s body. It was extremely faint but very fresh. If it were not for how sharp the smell of blood was,

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