Chapter 64 - The Tiger Demon Digs out the Heart
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 64 - The Tiger Demon Digs out the Heart

However, an increase of the burden on the body was not an issue at all for the current Li Qingshan. Instead, it was fantastic. Although the Ox Demon’s Fist of Great Strength had granted him extraordinary strength, endurance, and defence, he felt like he wasted it most of the time.

He had great strength, but if he were slow, it would be useless since he could not land an attack. This was why he had been in danger when he faced Yang Anzhi.

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Even if he could last for lengthy amounts of time with great endurance, battles of life and death were about critical moments. Anything could happen in the next instant. If he failed to kill in a single strike, the opponent could flee far away. Nobody would give their opponent the opportunity for a battle that lasted three days and three nights.

With tough defence, he could harass some masters who used their fists. However, if he came across wielders of sharp swords and blades, it would just be like how a needle could pierce leather. He might not be able to endure it, and getting beat up was always worse than beating someone up.

However, the Tiger Demon’s Fist of Bone Forging solved these issues from the very source, allowing him to instantaneously erupt with his strength and granting him significant speed.

Apart from the Tiger Demon Climbs the Mountain, the Tiger Demon’s Fist of Bone Forging had two other forms for movement, the Tiger Demon Leaps over the Ravine and the Tiger Demon Descends from the Mountain. These forms covered all of the movements of leaping up and down and pouncing forward and retreating. He would be just like a vicious tiger travelling through the forest, moving like wind.

Li Qingshan stopped, allowing his pounding heart to gradually settle down. He closed his eyes to comprehend the sensation from before as well as to wait.

The movement techniques of the two black figures were actually rather impressive. A while later, they emerged from the forest. Borrowing the bright moonlight, they spotted Li Qingshan on the mound with a single glance. At the same time, they felt a fierce, dangerous aura.

Li Qingshan stood up with his hands on his hips. “You're just two third-rate masters, yet you’re still bold enough to chase me? How brave. Since you’ve come, you might as well leave your lives behind!” Before the two people could say anything, he immediately twisted and leapt down.

“The Tiger Demon Descends from the Mountain!”

The Descended Tiger, Li Qingshan! The two people immediately thought of Li Qingshan’s nickname. Li Qingshan was not the only one who found it to be awful. When the two of them heard it for the first time, they found it hilariously unsophisticated. However, as the black shadow approached them, neither of them could laugh anymore.

They only regretted listening to the rumor that roused their greed. At the same time, they had never thought the kid who was still wet behind his ears, Li Qingshan, would actually be so powerful. When Yang Anzhi released the news of the spiritual ginseng, he would never mention the shameful matter of his own defeat, and neither of them believed in the matter of Li Qingshan destroying the Black Wind stronghold alone because it was far too preposterous. All they saw was Li Qingshan returning to the city with two other, renowned masters and several hundred people.

It was already too late for them to flee.

“The Tiger Demon Digs out the Heart!” Li Qingshan formed claws with his hands and plunged them into their chests. With a grasp and a pluck, he dug out two, blood-red hearts that still thumped.

Aside from the three basic forms of training strength, Tiger Demon Flexes its Spine, the Tiger Demon Stretches its Back, and the Tiger Demon Rubs its Head, and the three forms for movements, the Tiger Demon Leaps over the Ravine, the Tiger Demon Climbs the Mountain, and the Tiger Demon Descends from the Mountain, the Tiger Demon’s Fist of Bone Forging had three other forms purely for killing and injuring. They were the Tiger Demon Digs out the Heart, the Tiger Demons Rips up the Lamb, and the Tiger Demon’s Fierce Roar. It was countless times more brutal than the Ox Demon’s Fist of Great Strength.

“Come, Xiao An!”

The porcelain jar opened, and Xiao An flew out. The blood-red colour all over him had faded, only leaving behind a hazy red. He had basically recovered his appearance of a white skeleton. Li Qingshan squeezed his hands and blood dripped out, landing on the white bone and immediately seeping in.

This was the so-called blood from a living person’s heart. This kind of cultivation method was as evil and horrifying as it could get.

However, Li Qingshan actually felt no discomfort doing this, and it was not only because these two people wanted to kill him. There was no mistake for him to kill them. He sniffed the heavy smell of blood and cruel delight welled up from the bottom of his heart. The red light in the depths of his eyes became dazzling.

From a normal person’s perspective, oxen were always rather simple and gentle creatures. Even if there were times when they were irritable, they could never be compared to tigers that hunted and fed on prey. The two fist styles named after these two beasts were the same.

If the Ox Demon’s Fist of Great Strength could only strengthen his courageous nature, then the Tiger Demon’s Fist of Bone Forging would be completely agitating the vicious and murderous nature within him. Those who were good at fighting liked to fight, and those who were good at killing liked to kill. That was how the world worked.

Li Qingshan rubbed Xiao An’s head with his bloody hands and said gently, “Come out and get some air!” Although he had no idea how a skeleton was supposed to get some air, Xiao An still climbed onto Li Qingshan’s shoulder happily.

Li Qingshan took off, but he had no idea that soon after he had left, another two people arrived. They were the horse-faced man and the woman in blue from the tea house. At the end of the day, they were still people who roamed through the jianghu regularly and could not be compared to the pampered sons and daughters of the Dragon’s Gate sect. Even the woman in blue only paled slightly at this sight.

“Hmph, it’s the three evils of Yao. Even these three pieces of trash want to get their hands on the spiritual ginseng. Senior brother, he has left the city to rampage through the Dragon’s Gate sect. This is a great opportunity for us. Once both sides are exhausted, we can strike and leave as soon as we get the spiritual ginseng. No one will be able to…”

“Shut up!” The horse-faced man crouched down and inspected the corpses. He heard the woman’s scheme and interrupted her with a darkened face. “Let’s go. Let’s go right now. Let’s get as far away from this place as possible!”

The woman called out, “What did you say?”

“Although the three evils of Yao aren’t any particularly impressive figures, they have some skill with their martial arts. Even if we ignore the fact that the third evil is skilled at poison, the first evil and second evil possess decent martial arts. If they work together, it’ll take quite the effort even for us to fend them off. However, right now when they were on guard, they could not even fend off a ‘Black Tiger Digs out the Heart’, getting their hearts dug out and dying because of that. This Li Qingshan is not someone we can handle. The rumor regarding the Black Wind stronghold is probably true,” the horse-faced man said calmly, but his voice trembled slightly. He could imagine just what end he would meet if he had been spurred on.

“We use hidden weapons to launch sneak attacks in the first place. Why would we confront him directly? As long as we maintain our distance with our movement technique, we’ll be completely fine. Senior brother, you’re far too cowardly. With risk comes reward. If we get the spiritual ginseng…” The woman chattered on, and her eyes lit up when she mentioned the spiritual ginseng.

Smack! There was a crisp slap across her face. The woman in blue clutched her face in disbelief. “You’ve actually hit me?!”

The horse-faced man said, “If you want to die, go by yourself. Don’t pull me into it. You’re more than welcome to tell this to master. Let’s just see whether master punishes or praises me!” He turned around and left as soon as he finished his words.

The woman was momentarily taken aback, but she still ended up chasing him. “Senior brother, how can you be like that!?”

The Dragon’s Gate sect towered over the ground. The mountain terrain was precipitous. Three sides were vertical cliffs; in particular, the east side seemed like it had been carved out with an axe. The cliffs several hundred meters in height were completely vertical. Even monkeys would struggle to get a footing and climb up them.

However, at this moment, on the dark, eastern rock face, something rapidly flew upwards as it flickered with sparks.

At a closer glance, it was actually a black shadow clambering up the rock face. Its ten, bent fingers dug into the rock like iron claws, producing clusters of sparks. It was Li Qingshan.

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