Chapter 64 - The Tiger Demon Digs out the Heart
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 64 - The Tiger Demon Digs out the Heart

However, an increase of the burden on the body was not an issue at all for the current Li Qingshan. Instead, it was fantastic. Although the Ox Demon’s Fist of Great Strength had granted him extraordinary strength, endurance, and defence, he felt like he wasted it most of the time.

He had great strength, but if he were slow, it would be useless since he could not land an attack. This was why he had been in danger when he faced Yang Anzhi.

Even if he could last for lengthy amounts of time with great endurance, battles of life and death were about critical moments. Anything could happen in the next instant. If he failed to kill in a single strike, the opponent could flee far away. Nobody would give their opponent the opportunity for a battle that lasted three days and three nights.

With tough defence, he could harass some masters who used their fists. However, if he came across wielders of sharp swords and blades, it would just be like how a needle could pierce leather. He might not be able to endure it, and getting beat up was always worse than beating someone up.

However, the Tiger Demon’s Fist of Bone Forging solved these issues from the very source, allowing him to instantaneously erupt with his strength and granting him significant speed.

Apart from the Tiger Demon Climbs the Mountain, the Tiger Demon’s Fist of Bone Forging had two other forms for movement, the Tiger Demon Leaps over the Ravine and the Tiger Demon Descends from the Mountain. These forms covered all of the movements of leaping up and down and pouncing forward and retreating. He would be just like a vicious tiger travelling through the forest, moving like wind.

Li Qingshan stopped, allowing his pounding heart to gradually settle down. He closed his eyes to comprehend the sensation from before as well as to wait.

The movement techniques of the two black figures were actually rather impressive. A while later, they emerged from the forest. Borrowing the bright moonlight, they spotted Li Qingshan on the mound with a single glance. At the same time, the

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