Chapter 63 - The Tiger Demon Forges its Bones
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 63 - The Tiger Demon Forges its Bones

“We still have to be careful when we roam the jianghu. You would rather go without the spiritual ginseng than place yourself in danger. There are other people here, so let’s have them probe him first!” The horse-faced man instructed earnestly, but it only made the lady in blue scorn him.

“Master said that you have to listen to me when outside!” The horse-faced man became furious as well. If you’re looking to die, you’re more than welcome to, but don’t drag me into it as well. If it weren’t for the fact that you’re master’s daughter, I would have abandoned you a long time ago.

He had experienced the many dangers of the jianghu. Even if he managed to get the spiritual ginseng, the slightest of carelessness would lead him to his death. If this Li Qingshan was a clever person, he would immediately offer it to someone, or he would be dead for sure. No, even if he did offer it up, the person on the receiving end would definitely silence him with death in order to avoid the news spreading, stopping others from hunting them down.

The horse-faced man looked at Li Qingshan in the crowd like he was a dead man. He sipped his tea. Even if he could not obtain the spiritual ginseng, watching this lucky, young talent die to the dangers of the jianghu was a wonderful matter as well.

In the same restaurant he had fought the night before, Li Qingshan sat down and received the terrified gazes of the aristocrats and cups of wonderful wine. Just when he was about to drink the alcohol, he suddenly stopped and looked at the rippling liquid.

With his halt, the restaurant quietened down as well. An aristocrat asked carefully, “Sheriff Li, what’s wrong?”

Li Qingshan said nonchalantly, “The wine is poisoned!” He casually splashed the alcohol onto the ground, and a white mist immediately rose up. It only demonstrated the toxicity of the alcohol. The poison was odourless and traceless as well. If it were not for his awakened eyes and his caution, which allowed him to see the peculiarity of the wine, he probably would have been poisoned already.

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