Chapter 30 - Chasing a Tiger to its Death
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 30 - Chasing a Tiger to its Death

With a rumble, Li Qingshan placed all of the game before grandpa Zang. “This should make up for the food I’ve eaten during the time I’ve spent here!”

There were gulps in the surroundings. In particular, the hunters who had just returned were dumbfounded. They had set off with a large group of people, working together in cooperation with careful preparation, yet the prey they had caught was still less than Li Qingshan’s hoard.

Even more to his surprise, grandpa Zang discovered that there were not even any wounds on many of the game. “Just how did you hunt?”

This was the question everyone present wanted answered. Li Qingshan considered it before replying, “With my hands!”

Everyone was taken aback in admiration, but they could not bring themselves to question him further.

Li Qingshan glanced at the prey the hunters had brought back from the mountains. “You’ve caught so much as well. You’re almost going to catch up to me. No, I have to put some more effort into it, or I can’t win.”

Grandpa Zang was unable to explain to him that the prey would be split between each hunter. On average, there was not even a prey for each hunter. Li Qingshan had basically won already after the first day of hunting.

Li Qingshan ate before returning to the mountains.

The hunters returned to the mountains in the north and told everyone what had happened in the village.

“How’s that possible?”

“You must have drunk in the village!”

“It’s true. There really was that much game.” They explained in a hurry.

“This kid!” Huang Binghu exhaled deeply and called out, “All of you put your back into it. Don’t fall behind him. If even all of us combined can’t match him alone, we’d better kill ourselves in shame!”

The hunters agreed loudly, and their morale swelled.

Huang Binghu secretly held back a series of coughs. He looked at the centre of his hand and saw some dark red blood.

On a path in the mountains, a convoy moved slowly. At the centre was a sedan chair carried by four men, and over a dozen guards and servants were gathered in the surroundings.

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