Chapter 29 - Autumn Hunting in the Mountains
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 29 - Autumn Hunting in the Mountains

Li Qingshan asked in a hurry, “You’re literate. Did you remember it just now?”

Xiao An nodded and made Li Qingshan look at what he had written.

From Xian An, Li Qingshan learned that someone else had originally butt in to try and take the spiritual ginseng, and their martial arts was very powerful. Since they had seen this, they would never give up. They would definitely find a way to look for it.

“It looks like I need to be careful. I have to keep everything hidden. However, once I take a step further with my ability and develop the strength of an ox, there’ll be no need for me to be afraid of anyone.”

The spiritual alcohol would not become better the longer the spiritual ginseng remained in it. If it became too strong, Li Qingshan would not be able to digest it. As a result, he had his first sip of the spiritual alcohol after waiting for just a few days.

A special fragrance expanded through his mouth. The taste was not heavy and was rather faint instead. Extremely pure spiritual qi permeated his body.

He did not waste any time, utilising the ability to digest the spiritual qi. To his surprise, a sip of spiritual alcohol basically resulted in better effects than drinking a whole jar of alcohol made from regular ginseng.

The true qi in his body became twice as powerful. Although regular ginseng could replenish vitality, they were just regular objects of mortals, unable to affect true qi too much. The Ox Demon’s Fist of Great Strength focused on practising the body and not practising qi, so his true qi had never grown particularly quickly.

The spiritual ginseng was a true, innate object of nature, best at replenishing spiritual qi, which was why it had such effects. If this continued, he would be able to release his true qi beyond his body before long. By then, he could call himself an ‘innate master’.

“Brother ox, I once swore that I would drink all of the finest alcohol the world has to offer. It looks like I’m mostly done now!” After drinking the spiritual alcohol, he would only find normal alcohol tasteless now.

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