Chapter 1683 - Suburbs
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 1683 - Suburbs

“Li Qingshan, you just said that if I yield to you, I’ll retain my promise of godhood. Does that still count?”

Li Liehuo was extremely stern. They were currently under the watch of the heavenly emperor and the other monarchs. The heavenly emperor could launch a bolt of lightning at any moment and finish off a traitorous general like him.

At that moment, the pressure from the sky peaked, even if the sky seemed exactly the same as before.

Li Qingshan raised his eyebrows slightly and looked at him in surprise. That had merely been a joke with a mocking tone to it. Even though it was a kind of humour that only he understood, he never thought that Li Liehuo would take it seriously and actually plan on surrendering!

Since when did something as great as that happen!?

Sigh, have my charms really reached that level?

An absolutely beaming smile suddenly appeared on his face. He brought his arm around Li Liehuo’s shoulder. “Of course! Liehuo, the Demon domain is currently in need of talents like you. With me watching over you, even Merging the Void with the Dao might be possible, let alone attaining godhood!”

Even the Elder of Heavenly Tomes on the side began to smile uncontrollably at a promise like that. Kid, even you’re nowhere close to Merging the Void with the Dao, yet you’re promising it to others?

Li Liehuo shifted his shoulder rather uncomfortably, extremely unaccustomed to Li Qingshan’s enthusiasm. Suddenly, he felt like he had boarded a ship that he should not have.

However, as he stared at Li Qingshan’s smile that beamed so brightly that it almost seemed fake, the pressure in his heart vanished before he knew it.

When he fought, he was like a supernatural being, but most of the time, he really was not a person that gave off an oppressive aura.

“C’mon! Liehuo, I’ll send you to the Demon domain right now!” Afraid that Li Liehuo would change his mind, Li Qingshan grabbed him by the shoulder and pulled him towards a demon cavern, secretly using the strength of the ox demon.

That was because even he was unab

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