Chapter 1674 - Price
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 1674 - Price

The light burned in the sky like aurorae.

In the great volcano, Li Qingshan shut his eyes and raised his head, taking in a deep breath.

Immediately, the sky full of light gushed into the crater like a tipping ocean.

Li Qingshan sucked in the surging spiritual qi like a whale. His belly immediately swelled up as if it was about to burst from all the spiritual qi.

That breath of spiritual qi was enough to turn a mortal into a Human Immortal. Li Qingshan’s almost exhausted powers were immediately replenished, and the circulation of the sun and moon in the small world accelerated once again. Even his mind cleared up.

Then Li Qingshan extended his hand and pressed down on his belly. It immediately flattened again, except calm, green light continued to glow beneath his skin.

The spiritual qi from that breath was far too abundant, so abundant to a point where even he struggled to digest all of it slightly as a True Immortal. As such, he used the great strength of the ox demon to forcefully compress the spiritual qi into the small world in his body. It was actually compressed into a solid, forming a crystal that shone with resplendent green light.


Li Qingshan exhaled and immediately began to suck in another deep breath. His belly bulged once more before being flattened again.

With each breath, a tremendous amount of spiritual qi was channelled into his body, but the sea of light in the sky showed no signs of dimming or growing thinner. Instead, it only became denser and brighter.

The green glow under his skin grew brighter and brighter until it swallowed him completely, turning him into a pure ball of light. He was like a green planet that had fallen into the volcanic crater.

The inhales and exhales rang out endlessly. Wherever the green light reached, thousands of plants grew wildly, oozing out from the volcano. Even the lava and sea of fire surged with countless plants, most of which were rapidly swallowed and incinerated by the flames.

However, there were some plants that actually grew even better in

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