Chapter 1284 - The Buddha Nemesis Enters the Buddhist City
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 1284 - The Buddha Nemesis Enters the Buddhist City

The heavenly secrets were unpredictable. They clearly did not possess a consciousness, yet they could control fate, setting up a kill zone without raising any attention. It was even more terrifying than any scheming strategist in the world. Even cultivators could have their judgment clouded, either becoming fools or becoming mad, trudging towards their deaths step by step, yet also completely unaware the entire time.

If it were not for Li Qingshan’s bloodline of the spirit turtle, it was completely impossible for this thought to have crossed his mind.

I don’t fear the will of the heavens, but my priority this time is to find Haitang. I might as well maintain a low profile and follow the spirit turtle, to avoid any problems just in case it leads to trouble.

Li Qingshan shut his eyes. His daemon qi vanished as his appearance turned back into a human’s. When he opened his eyes again, his scarlet pupils had turned black. His expression was calm and indifferent. It was not just his aura. Even his sense of presence had become very flimsy. Without careful attention, he could even be neglected by others.

The winds surged in the air as the clouds weighed down heavily with pouring rain and crashing thunder.

Li Qingshan smiled. With a gentle leap, he vanished into the rain.


A bolt of blue lightning brushed past him, smashing apart a boulder. The rubble was still soaring through the air when another cascade of lightning rained down, turning the world white.

“What a will of the heavens!”

Li Qingshan navigated through the pitch-black rain, like a spirit turtle swimming through the ocean. Almost half of the lightning shot towards him. Even the combined efforts of ten great cultivators did not possess such power. This was the might of the world.

However, not a single bolt of lightning managed to strike him. It was as if even the intangible will of the heavens was unable to lock onto him. He simply soared freely through the lightning.

“Haha, the will of the heavens? Even that can do nothing to me!”

Li Qingshan laughed aloud as a bolt of

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