Chapter 1283 - A Thought of Lovesickness, the Intangible Will of the Heavens
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 1283 - A Thought of Lovesickness, the Intangible Will of the Heavens

With a bang, Li Qingshan erupted with a wave of air and shot off.

The Unraging monk stared at the empty bowl on the table, unable to say anything for a very long time.

In the past, he had hoped to change Li Qingshan, to guide him onto the proper path of buddhism and inherit his legacy.

In a daze, so many years had passed. Only then did he discover that Li Qingshan had never changed. He had only grown stronger.

However, he was the Unraging monk after all. He smiled self-deprecatingly. “Senior brother, you accepted a buddha nemesis, I accepted a buddha nemesis. Looks like… we’re in the same boat.”

The Dauntless monk shot a sharp glance at him before smiling wryly as well.

They each had bottom lines that they stuck to. Li Qingshan’s actions were completely intolerable for buddhism, and he had even earned himself the title of buddha nemesis. As such, maintaining their relationship as master and disciple, even just in name, would only impede the Unraging monk’s cultivation. As a result, they were better off cutting ties.


A bolt of lightning ripped through the air and landed on Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan could sense that the hostility of the world was growing stronger. Before the intangible will of the heavens, even cultivators would become frightened, but it instead reminded him of the situation inside the small world, which filled him with a hearty spirit, having the time of his life as he fought the heavens and defied fate.

He flew back onto Navy Li’l Fatty’s back. It had not stopped devouring for even a second. It had already produced a great chasm outside the Chan Monastery of Deva-Nāga. Before long, this place would not just be affected by aftershocks. It would probably become the epicentre.

Li Qingshan thought of an idea. Wielding his finger like a sword, he pointed it at the distant cliff face and waved away, drawing a vertical stroke, a horizontal stroke, a hook… and even a circle at the very end. He studied it carefully before nodding in satisfaction, riding off on the space-devouring beast with a great laugh.

The Da

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