Chapter 1241 - Blessing
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 1241 - Blessing

Li Fengyuan ordered loudly, “Save her!”

However, the resplendent light around Clouded city gradually dimmed. The featherfolk around him were all indifferent, drawing back theirpowers.

Even if Li Fengyuan could control Clouded city, he required the combined effort of all featherfolk in order to unleash its true power. He said in surprise and fury, “Are you trying to rebel against me?”

“My king, you wanted us to deal with the Hungry Ghost realm. We’ve already done that, so please stop here!”

“Alright. You don’t want to help me. Then I’ll do it myself!”

Li Fengyuan sneered and made the entire city descend.

“You are risking the entire featherfolk race. Even if you save her, neither the Spirit Kṣetra temple nor the Hungry Ghost realm will just give up with that. As the king of the featherfolk, do you really only value her without any regard for the fate of all the featherfolk in the city?”

Li Fengyuan shuddered inside. The familiar faces flashed through his mind, with many children and infants among them. The word “featherfolk” had stopped being just a name to him. Instead, it represented many familiar lives.

Even if he received a lot of influence from Li Qingshan from the moment he was born, his nature was still a benevolent phoenix after all. How could he cast them aside so easily?

“The city of featherfolk will remain here. I will go down by myself. Is that good enough?”

Li Fengyuan was about to storm off when a featherfolk grabbed him by the sleeve. “You are just walking to your death like this, and the featherfolk will be without a king.”

The featherfolk all said, “Please reconsider, my king!”

Unknowingly, not only did he have the featherfolk in his heart, but the featherfolk had him in theirs too. Benevolence could unite the hearts of people.

Meanwhile, the heartless were destined to be lonely.


The golden comet slammed into the ground, producing a great pit several thousand metres across in the barren land and demonstrating the terrifying force behind the strike. However, there was no one in the pit.

The buddhist glow illuminated the sky. There were actually over twenty Monk Kings present.

Not only had the religious preceptor of the left gathered all the Monk Kings of the Spirit Kṣetra temple, but he had even gathered the Monk Kings of the various large sects and monasteries throughout the world purely to kill the buddha nemesis.

Even if she could dodge that attack, how could she contend against such a great force while heavily injured?

However, the religious preceptor of the left did not continue with his attacks, as she was teetering towards the Gate of Hungry GHosts.

The world of the dead rejected all of the living. In particular, it rejected the people of buddhism.

“Religious preceptor, do we pursue her?”

“That won’t be necessary. She’ll be dying no matter where she goes.”

The religious preceptor of the left pulled back the mallet and stared at her closely.

The undead were like vicious hounds fighting over food. They gathered all of their strength as they scrambled over desperately.

The intense will from the Hungry Ghost realm made them all feel that if they could personally end this legend of the Hungry Ghost realm, then they would receive endless benefits. Even undergoing the fourth heavenly tribulation would become a piece of cake.

“A clever choice! Let her through!”

Sovereign Li’s words shattered their dreams. After scheming for so long, how could he let someone else take all the benefits?

The Corpse King Dragon suddenly lunged towards Xiao An. Every single one of its vicious, interlocking teeth were a hundred times larger than her. It paused violently in front of her as flames surged from its nostrils, but it did not dare to bite down.

That was the law of the Hungry Ghost realm. Competing against higher beings for food was definitely not a clever choice.

Xiao An made her way through the mountainous undead. Blood soaked her white clothes, dripping on the ground and rising up as sparks.

Under a tight encirclement, she approached the Gate of Hungry Ghosts. She raised her head and looked at the Dark Queen in the white bone cage.

The Dark Queen gripped the white bone firmly. Her expression was grief-stricken and filled with despair. “Xuanyue.”

“Wait for me, mother,” Xiao An said silently.

With a wave of her hand, her long air rose up into the air, and a handful of small, black balls shot out.

The Corpse Dragon King stared at one of the small black balls that had flown over. Great fear suddenly surged forth, causing it to try and retreat.


Over thirty tiny, black balls exploded simultaneously, turning into scarlet balls of light that contained terrifying energy before rapidly swelling and enlarging. Every single ball erupted with blinding scarlet light. The light all wove together, turning into a colossal scarlet ball of light that swallowed everything around her.

The ground shook violently, throwing waves of dirt several hundred metres into the air and reaching several hundred kilometres away. Waves of air swept through the surroundings wildly like several dozen storms stacked together.

The Monk Kings all stopped far away in the air, struggling to regain their footing. Their ears rumbled as they were dumbfounded by the terrifying destructive power.

The undead bore the brunt of it, such that their tight encirclement ended up suffering lethal damage instead. Numerous Ghost Kings and Corpse Kings were blasted to pieces, even annihilating their souls.

Everything had happened in a split second, yet it also felt like a very long time ago. A mushroom cloud rose into the sky slowly as the land was now replaced by a huge pit several dozen kilometres across.


The Corpse Dragon King’s head that was covered in cracks fell to the ground. The flame of its soul had already been extinguished.

Several dozen Corpse Kings and Ghost Kings died on the spot, while the remaining were all injured too. Like startled birds, they circled around the pit, afraid to approach it.

“It’s the school of Mohism’s blasting thunders!”

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The religious protector of the left furrowed his brows firmly, recognising the origins of the small, black spheres with a single glance.

Only grandmasters of the school of Mohism could produce blasting thunders. They were extremely difficult to forge and difficult to control. They could not be used in battle, only for destroying cities or formations. However, every single one of them possessed the great might to annihilate entire mountains. They pursued the most extreme destructive power possible. They wondered how she had managed to gather so many.

However, the Dauntless monk vaguely recalled that Li Qingshan had obtained many blasting thunders when he slew the master of the Sword Collection palace. The Sword Collection palace had originally prepared them to blast the Demon Suppression Hall. He never expected them to be used here in the very end, almost taking them down with her.

He sighed inside. The Chan Monastery of Deva-Nāga did owe her and that Li Qingshan a debt after all. If she were not the buddha nemesis, perhaps she would have inherited the position of abbot already.

The religious preceptor of the left said, “Blasting thunders affects everyone. The buddha nemesis was located in the very centre of the blast, so she must be very injured. We have to use this opportunity to kill the buddha nemesis, or she’ll definitely become a great source of trouble in the future!”

“Yes!” The Monk Kings all answered.

The Dauntless monk said, “Religious preceptor, this is a heaven-sent opportunity, so why don’t we send some people to seal up the Gate of Hungry Ghosts and rid the world of a huge problem?”

The religious preceptor of the left hesitated slightly. The Hungry Ghost realm was indeed a great source of trouble too.


A hysterical roar rang out from the Gate of Hungry Ghosts. Sovereign Li was at a tipping point. Not only had he failed to catch the fish with his plans and preparations, but he had even sustained heavy losses instead.

Death qi surged out of the Gate of Hungry Ghosts. It ripped wider like a huge mouth roaring furiously at the sky. The barren plains of death rapidly spread until they reached the boundary of the Mist province. The clear skies were obscured by the dark clouds again, and the clouds had become even thicker.

From the boundless sea of trees, the Great Banyan Tree King saw this unfold. He knew this was not just sovereign Li’s power. It was also the culmination of the size of the Gate of Hungry Ghosts, as well as the final balance between two worlds. Even if the ghost tower was raised higher, all that would spread was the barren plains of death.

This was the Hungry Ghost realm expanding, eagerly devouring this world and her!

The destruction of the world seemed to have become unavoidable now.

The religious preceptor of the left said, “Let’s forget about these undead for now. We have to find her!”

The Great Banyan Tree King used his powers as a god to slowly send his consciousness deep underground, except he soon gave up. “Xiao An, I don’t want you as an enemy because that breaks my promise and deal with Qingshan. However, I am unable to side with you either because I know what you're about to do.”

Under the washing of the death qi, the Dark Queen’s body rapidly withered away. She was dying.

She was too busy to take something so unimportant into account. She crossed her arms behind her chest. That was not a technique, but a blessing—a mother’s blessing.

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