Chapter 1240 - None to Rely On
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 1240 - None to Rely On

The Corpse Dragon King rushed in front. Right as it raised its head to let out a breath, the sea of fire swallowed it, which filled it with fright. It powered its corpse qi to block, and a white figure shot by it.

Xiao An fell straight down, splitting open the mountainous white bones. The Soul Stirring Bell rang out frantically as the Immortal Relinquished sword sliced through all the obstructions, refusing to become locked in combat with anyone.

As she approached the Gate of Hungry Ghosts, she suddenly felt a sliver of unease. However, if she could not destroy the ghost tower quickly and seal up the Gate of Hungry Ghosts, this battle would definitely end in defeat. As a result, she made up her mind and made a push straight for the core of the ghost tower.

However, Corpse Kings and Ghost Kings stepped out of the Gate of Hungry Ghosts constantly. More and more enemies appeared in her way, and the attacks from the cultivators and Daemon Kings were all blocked by the ghost tower, struggling to provide her with any support. As a result, she infiltrated the ranks of the enemy alone. Even with the momentum from the fire, she could not avoid constant injuries. Many cracks appeared on her bones.

The Great Banyan Tree King understood the outcome depended entirely on this, so he lunged forward. Billions of roots penetrated the ghost tower, coiling around the undead and opening a path for her.

Xiao An finally reached the core of the ghost tower. With both swords in hand, she crossed them and slashed down as hard as she could.

Suddenly, the core of the ghost tower condensed to a single point, shining with a deep, distant light. The swords all stopped within an inch of it, unable to advance any further.

Sovereign Li’s voice rang out from within, “The fish has taken the bait.”

With that, the entire ghost tower collapsed inwards. The colossal bones rapidly shrank to a hundredth of their size, turning into a cage of white bones, trapping Xiao An inside and then rapidly falling downwards.

“Oh no, it’s a trap!”

The Great Ba

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