Chapter 1224 - Resolve
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 1224 - Resolve

Li Qingshan widened his eyes in fury and raised his thick eyebrows, staring straight at Gu Yanying’s slender, beautiful neck. His large hands tightened before opening up again.

In the sky, winds surged, black clouds amassed, and thunder muffled. Under his wrath, the weather actually changed.

Gu Yanying knew that he had been truly angered. She explained in a hurry, “When we came, the kunpeng’s feather made all the decisions. It casually chose a small world in all of outer space. Do you really think returning along the same trajectory will be easy?”

“Then let the kunpeng’s feather make a decision again!” Li Qingshan roared fiercely. A clap of thunder suddenly erupted outside.

Gu Yanying smiled wryly. “The kunpeng’s feather has a spirit of its own, but it doesn’t possess any so-called intelligence. I’ve already inherited a part of its legacy, so it’s even more impossible for it to make a decision on its own.”

“In other words, you’ve been fooling me the entire time!?” No wonder you’ve constantly put off returning. Gu Yanying, oh Gu Yanying. I trusted you so much all this time, and you actually treat me like this!”

Li Qingshan took a step forward, baring his teeth with his face twisted.

The claps of thunder strung together as the lightning made his face dim and brighten. A few tiger stripes vaguely appeared. Clearly, he was truly ready to kill.

Gu Yanying sighed inside. She knew that if she did not handle this appropriately, her life might be in danger. No matter how casual and flippant he normally seemed, he still had a vicious tiger inside of him. If he had truly been angered, there definitely would not be any softheartedness or mercy. By then, “paying with her body” would not be a joke anymore, and she would actually have to pay him back with her flesh.

If she died at his hands in the end after traversing through space and overcoming the many trials, it would truly be a tragedy.

“Qingshan, I only found out about this recently too. I wasn’t deceiving you intentionally. Originally, I thought I might be able to inherit the complete legacy of the kunpeng and find the route back when you truly became the god of this world.”

“Hey, he might be able to wait around, but I can’t!”

Rāhu Xiaoming knew about the origins of the feather. He knew that Gu Yanying could not inherit the legacy without at least a few decades or a century given her cultivation, not to mention the kind of world they were stuck in.

“Shut up!” Li Qingshan bellowed.

Rāhu Xiaoming shrugged. He had learnt this movement from Li Qingshan, expressing that he did not care too much. It was fine for him anyway as long as he found a slightly larger world and did not return to the Asura realm.

To Gu Yanying, she was probably indifferent to whether they returned to the nine provinces or not as well.

Only Li Qingshan insisted on going back and finding Xiao An.

Then Rāhu Xiaoming said, “Even if there is a route, I’d still advise you to give up on searching for some original world. You have absolutely no idea how many dangers there are in outer space. Last time, the kunpeng’s feather helped you choose the optimal route. So much time has already passed, so is it still the optimal route now? You should just use your wits.”

“Xiaoming, you asked for this!”

Li Qingshan reached out and pressed down on Rāhu Xiaoming, targeting his bottom and giving him a fierce spanking. Pitter-pattering rain poured down outside.

Rāhu Xiaoming spewed out curses and put up a desperate struggle. As a mighty son of a god, since when had he endured such humiliation before?

Gu Yanying was left completely speechless. It made her remember something Li Qingshan had said in the past, “Give your beatings to your children on rainy days. It’s not like you have anything better to do.” She felt extremely apologetic inside. If it were not for her, Li Qingshan would not have ended up in a world like this, while Rāhu Xiaoming was completely taking the rap in her place, enduring Li Qingshan’s raging fury.

The Frenzy Flower Blade of Path’s End and the slingshot called “Li’l Y” leaned against the couch quietly. They even communicated with each other, feeling deeply ashamed. The two of them were completely hopeless.

That was the first clash in their lives, which ended in Li Qingshan’s complete victory. However, Rāhu Xiaoming also managed to curse all of his ancestors. Right now, he glared at Li Qingshan like he was about to kill him.

Li Qingshan completely ignored him. He sucked in a deep breath and calmed down. His eyes grew tranquil and distant. “Sure enough, women just aren’t reliable when it matters! Oh yeah, children aren’t reliable either!”

“Erm…” Gu Yanying pinched the bridge of her nose. There was nothing she could say in reply.

Actually, this had nothing to do with gender or age. Traversing through outer space with a cultivation at the third heavenly tribulation and shuttling between two distant worlds was equivalent to a child ending up in a desert without any preparations whatsoever.

All they could rely on was a kunpeng’s feather, and they could not even completely grasp and control their only tool.

“We’ll set off tomorrow. I’ll calculate a route.”

“Qingshan, you know it’s impossible to calculate!”

Gu Yanying furrowed her brows. No matter how much she trusted Li Qingshan’s abilities, she still had some basic common sense. The distance between the worlds would probably be measured in millions of kilometres, and it was not a straight line. Who knew how many twists and turns there were. The amount of information contained within the route was even more complicated than the laws of this world.

“Once we leave this world, my powers will return, and I can start calculating. I can’t calculate the entire route at once, but I can use how the stars change as we travel to decrease the difficulty.”

Li Qingshan was completely calm as if he was describing something that was perfectly ordinary. It was just navigating as he went.

“That’s basically suicide!”

Gu Yanying could not help but make that evaluation. There was such a great distance to cover. As long as his calculations were off by even a tiny bit, it was possible for them to never arrive at their destination. The calculations would take a tremendous amount of spiritual qi too, which outer space did not provide at all.

“You promised me this!” Li Qingshan raised his eyebrows before lowering them again. “If you don’t want to leave, I can’t force you to leave. We’ll just say that our destiny together ends here. You take your brilliant path from now onwards, and I’ll take my path of solitude. We’ll part here.”

Gu Yanying’s heart seemed to ache. “But without the kunpeng’s feather, how are you supposed to…”

Li Qingshan said firmly, “I will return to the nine provinces through the six realms of saṃsāra.”

Rāhu Xiaoming could not help but sneer. “Hah, what a joke. That plan is even more foolish than the previous one. Do you know how vast the six realms of saṃsāra are? Do you really think you can use the six realms of saṃsāra as a bridge just because they’re connected with all the worlds?”

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“Regardless of the risk, I must return to the nine provinces. Xiao An is waiting there for me right now. I’ve already made her wait too long.”

Li Qingshan strode out the door. The storm had arrived quickly, and it had ended quickly too. In the blink of an eye, it had dissipated, and the vast sea of stars shone even brighter. At this very moment, she was waiting in a certain place on the other end of the starry sky for him to return. He had never doubted that.

As a result, it gave meaning to the sea of stars, which became part of his aspirations.

Suddenly, Gu Yanying’s voice rang out from behind him. “Then let’s set off!”

Li Qingshan looked back. The corner of her lips curled into a smile, graceful like the wind. As a result, he smiled as well.

“Are you crazy?”

Rāhu Xiaoming was alarmed. If he wanted to leave this world, the person he would be relying on the most was Gu Yanying. If she left here, he would have to follow along.

Li Qingshan asked, “You’re afraid?”

Rāhu Xiaoming’s gaze moved back and forth between Li Qingshan and Gu Yanying. Both of them seemed to be shining, shining with a light that even he, a former god, had to take seriously.

“You two cursed bastards!”

Afterwards, he threw himself at the milk and grapes, shoving it into his mouth desperately to recover his strength as quickly as possible.

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