Chapter 1220 - Interfering With the Cauldron
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 1220 - Interfering With the Cauldron

“Become a god? So you were thinking of this, but how am I supposed to become a god? This world can’t even condense Mountain and Water God Seals, so how am I supposed to comprehend the laws of the world? Even if there is a way, becoming a god means merging with the world. Doesn’t that mean I’ll be trapped here forever?”

Li Qingshan frowned. He had no idea what she was thinking.

“You have the Divine Talisman of Great Creation, so you can conjure anything in the world. Can’t you conjure a substitute? Even if it’ll take up some power of belief, that’s for an entire set of laws of the world! It’s definitely worth a try!”

Li Qingshan could not help but nod in agreement. Even the Great Banyan Tree King had not managed to comprehend all of the laws of the world from the World of the Nine Provinces. This was indeed a rare opportunity.

Gu Yanying smiled. “As for the Mountain and Water God Seals, don’t you have them?”

“You mean… the Frost Province cauldron?”

It took Li Qingshan a moment of thought before he understood what she was referring to. The Frost Province cauldron he had stolen from the Heavenly Frost Wolf King was forged from Mountain and Water God Seals. He had been brought to this world before he could hand it over to the Great Banyan Tree King.


“That’s the Mountain and Water God Seals of the World of the Nine Provinces. What does it have to do with this world?”

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“Worlds might differ in size, but they must be connected in some way or form. The Frost province is far larger than this world. If you don’t try, how would you know?”

“But I’ve agreed to give the Frost Province cauldron to the Great Banyan Tree King.”

“If you have a complete set of laws of the world for him to refer to, I’m sure the tree king will be very willing to pay this price!”

“Alright then!”

Li Qingshan had been convinced. Most importantly, it had already been such a long time since he encountered something so interesting. He immediately used the Divine Talisman of Great Creation to forcefully open his sumeru ring, removing a small cauldron from inside. It depicted the landscape and plains of the Frost province as if it was covered in a layer of frost. It was the Frost Province cauldron. The cauldron shone with brilliant light and rapidly began to swell.

“Wait, take it back inside!” Gu Yanying tried to stop him in a hurry, but it was already too late.

“Let me just take it out and give it a try!”

Even with both arms, Li Qingshan could not hold up the great cauldron. All he could do was throw it onto the ground.

With a great boom, the entire palace rocked as a result.

“What’s happened?”

Feihong furrowed her brows and rushed over, only to see a huge cauldron smash through the palace and continue to grow larger.

Outside the palace, Gu Yanying stood around helplessly as Li Qingshan yelled out excitedly, “Bigger! Bigger! Bigger!”

The cauldron smashed through a hundred different rooms and halls. The sound of collapsing structures filled the air.

When the cauldron finally stopped growing larger, it was visible from every corner in the city. It was basically like a mountain. The mouth of the cauldron sprayed with colourful sparks that rushed straight into the air, producing rings of hazy light before slowly dispersing. It was like magnificent fireworks, dyeing the sky with colour.

“It’s so beautiful!”

Li Qingshan brought his hand over his eyes and gazed into the distance with a face of admiration.

“Society leader, what’s going on?”

After a moment of consideration, Feihong decided to ask Gu Yanying. Through her experiences over the years, Gu Yanying was much more reliable than him most of the time.

“Feihong, go and disperse everyone in the palace and take my official seal to mobilise the royal guards to maintain order in the city, just in case of any hysteria!”


A while later, dark clouds suddenly gathered in the sky, forming a great swirl. Under the glow of the colourful lights, it seemed like a kaleidoscope, vaguely depicting images of various landscapes.


With a clap of thunder, a bolt of lightning slammed against the mountainous Frost Province cauldron as if it was trying to shatter it.

Gu Yanying’s expression changed. “Li Qingshan, create a substitute quickly! The world is digesting the Frost Province cauldron right now!”


In the past, Li Qingshan had tried taking out pills and arcane treasures from the sumeru ring. They had all been suppressed by the world. He had never imagined that the world would respond so violently to the Frost Province cauldron. As it seemed, Gu Yanying was right. There was some kind of connection between worlds.

The spiritual qi of other worlds faced violent rejection from this world, but towards Mountain and Water God Seals that had been condensed from the laws of the world, it was like a sumptuous feast. The world wanted to devour and digest the cauldron greedily at the first opportunity and turn it into a part of itself.

“Do you think a substitute can withstand the lightning?”

Li Qingshan pointed above. The violent lightning filled the cauldron as countless electricity arcs sparked and danced. Even a single one of them was enough to kill an innate master. Under the restraints of the world, the strongest substitute he could create would only be at the tenth layer of the innate realm. He would basically be dreaming if he thought it could enter the cauldron safely.

The cauldron became filled with lightning, turning into a moat, a pool of lightning. Let alone a substitute, even his true body could not withstand it.

If the world had been this serious on them when they first descended here, they would have perished several decades ago.

As it seemed now, they were like two insects that had landed on a sleeping fatty. The fatty would swing his hands to swat them subconsciously, but he had grown accustomed to them in the end, so he simply continued to sleep. After all, the insects were annoying, but they did not exactly bring much harm or benefit to the world overall.

Only with the Frost Province cauldron’s appearance did he seemingly wake up.

“I’ve miscalculated. I’ve never tried something like this before after all. We can only wait for the world to digest the Frost Province cauldron now, and then we’ll have to collect it all over the world.” sighed Gu Yanying.

Refining and condensing god seals from mountains and bodies of water was anything but simple. This world was not large, but it still had thousands of mountains and bodies of water, and at the end of the day, whether they could actually condense god seals successfully was still unknown. Probably all that Li Qinghan could do now was go crazy seeing how he was in such a hurry to return to the nine provinces.

“Women, oh women. Normally, they’re always more clever than the next, but once it actually matters, you just can’t rely on them!”

Li Qingshan shook his head, like he was disappointed and exasperated with her.

Feihong rushed back to report back to them. When she heard that, she curled her lip in disdain. If it weren’t for society leader Gu, would you have been able to spend all these years lazily and content?

Gu Yanying could not be bothered arguing with him. She asked in surprise and joy, “You have an idea?”

“Hah, I have plenty of ideas!”

Li Qingshan shut his eyes before opening them again. The smile on his face had already vanished. His eyes shone with a deep-blue light, tranquil like the deep ocean. He said gently, “Watermirror’s Image!”

The Divine Talisman of Great Creation could help him overcome the restraint from the laws of the world and activate his innate abilities.

Under Feihong’s surprised gaze, a shadow appeared from Li Qingshan’s body, gradually growing clearer until it stared right back at him. It possessed the same appearance and expression, like it was the reflection in a mirror. It was a mirror clone that he had not used in many years.

Gu Yanying said, “A clone technique. Yeah, you do have this move, but your clone seems far too weak. You’d even do better with a substitution!”

Li Qingshan and the mirror clone turned towards her at the same time and smiled. “Just watch, and you’ll see!”

Immediately, the mirror clone rushed towards the cauldron. A few bolts of lightning struck the mirror clone, but a rainbow light blocked it.

“The Divine Talisman of Great Creation!” Gu Yanying narrowed her eyes and immediately realised what he was doing.

The mirror clone was almost equivalent to an extension of Li Qingshan’s body, so it could obviously wield the Divine Talisman of Great Creation to protect itself. The power of belief he had accumulated over the years was as vast as the ocean. Even the lightning would struggle to breach this barrier with ease.

The mirror clone finally climbed to the top of the cauldron. With a leap, it threw itself into the pool of lightning.

“Aren’t you afraid of failing and losing the Divine Talisman of Great Creation for nothing?”

“You gain some, you lose some. Why think so much about it? Though, it’s all your horrible idea. Get ready to pay with your body!”

“Keep dreaming.”

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