Chapter 1213 - Monster
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 1213 - Monster

Deep into the night, snow drifted through the sky.

The two army camps sat before each other outside Xuanwu city. The light from lanterns illuminated dozens of kilometers like a meteor shower on land. It illuminated the night of wind and snow.

Zhang Yuntian stood on the city walls, gazing at the firelight in the distance. Even as someone blessed by the heavens, he felt nervous. The powerful enemy he had waited sixteen years for was less than ten kilometres away, while he was currently in an extremely feeble state.

Much of the dragon qi in the Jade Seal of the Divine Dragon had vanished, which symbolised a shift in the will of the people.

He had proactively declared war, conscripted soldiers, and gathered provisions en masse, and his enemy was someone renowned for his good reputation, Li Qingshan. Under these various factors that worked against him, he was currently losing the trust of the people, leading to a decline in power.

If Li Qingshan rushed over right now, it would be his defeat.

However, he knew he would not do something like that, or he would not have come here with such a large army.

“Hey, long time no see! You’re called Zhang Yuntian, right?” A voice suddenly rang out.

Zhang Yuntian’s heart tightened. He gazed in the direction of the voice, and a pair of dark-golden eyes flickered in the darkness. Li Qingshan stood on the battlement as his cloak fluttered in the wind and snow like a great flag.

“Y- you…”

“I was bored in the main tent, so I came out for a stroll. Hey, don’t tell me you’re afraid?” Li Qingshan smiled.

Zhang Yuntian pressed down on the Jade Seal of the Divine Dragon. Fierce winds surged around him, whistling like the threatening growls of wild beasts.

“With how you are right now, you sure would make me lose interest. Hopefully, you don’t disappoint me too much tomorrow.”

Li Qingshan let out a great laugh and leapt into the wind and snow. His voice continued to echo, resounding through Xuanwu city.

“Alliance leader!” The leader of the Abstruse temple hurried up. Only when he saw how Zhang Yuntian was safe and sound did he let out a sigh of relief. If Li Qingshan had struck at that moment, then all of their efforts would have gone to waste.

“How is it?” Zhang Yuntian composed himself. Suddenly, he no longer possessed the confidence that everything was within his control.

“The army of a million is already prepared.”

“I will take the platform and have them acknowledge me as their general immediately!”

Zhang Yuntian launched a palm strike at the battlements. With a boom, shrapnel exploded in all directions.

“Li Qingshan, you will pay for your arrogance!”

In the tent, Yang Miaozhen meditated and rested on a cushion as a gust of cold wind, together with snowflakes, rushed in. Before she could even respond, she was pushed down on the thick carpet. When she raised her head, she was met with a pair of dark-golden eyes. She asked indifferently, “Why have you come?”

“Why can’t I come?” Li Qingshan threw aside his cloak and extended his hands to disrobe her.

“You better remember that I don’t know all those tricks to serve you.” Yang Miaozhen turned her head away as her face blushed slightly.

“Then let me serve you!”

With a grin, Li Qingshan took everything off her. Her beautiful, slender body lay on the ground as he held her cheeks with boths hands, gently sliding past her neck, breasts, waist, and stopping on her flat belly. “I’ll help you give birth to a child.”

“I don’t want to! Have you seen my master?” Yang Miaozhen grabbed his hands as he tried to slide down further.

“How did you know I went to Xuanwu city?”

“I guessed.”

“I just caught a glance of him. How’s this? If you serve me well tonight, I’ll spare his life again!”

“Each to their own fate!” Yang Miaozhen closed her eyes and silently braced herself for the intrusion of his large hands. Her body gradually heated up.

“Heh, fate.”

Suddenly, a dragon’s roar completely resounded through the surroundings, drowning out the wind and snow.

“What’s that?” Yang Miaozhen was startled, making her open her eyes.

“A dog’s barking.”

Li Qingshan bent over. A while later, soft, enchanting moans filled the tent.

The morning arrived. It was the seventh day of the twelfth month, the day of the battle.

Surrounded by thousands of tents, Zhang Yuntian stood on the tall general’s platform and gazed towards the north. His voice pierced the wind. “Come, Li Qingshan!”

He spoke softly, yet it was thunderous, piercing dozens of kilometres and pre-emptively issuing the challenge!

The million-strong army gazed at the platform from afar. The walls of Xuanwu city were completely filled with spectators. The entire world was waiting for the result of this battle.

Zhang Yuntian waved the flag, and the army qi from a million soldiers surged towards him like it was tangible.

All of Zhang Yuntian’s muscles swelled up, bulging with veins and bursting through his clothes. He knelt down on one knee on the general’s platform as his face became filled with pain. It was not always better to have more army qi, let alone the fact that he was still at the tenth layer of the innate realm. He was not even a proper cultivator yet. Even after a night of adjustment, he struggled to endure such tremendous power.

But at this moment, the Jade Seal of the Divine Dragon in his clothes shone with light, devouring the surging army qi.

Not only was he the general of a great army, but he was also a son of heaven personally leading the troops to vanquish the enemy!

With a dragon’s roar, his clothes were ripped to shreds as his body rapidly expanded. A pair of horns grew from his head as he became covered with scales, developing sharp teeth and claws.

The general’s platform creaked and moaned before collapsing loudly.

In the blink of an eye, he had already grown taller than the general’s platform. Then he became taller than Xuanwu city behind him, continuing until he reached three hundred metres tall. By now, he did not seem human at all anymore. The lower half of his body winded along the ground, while the upper half of his body was armed with teeth and claws. He was like a giant dragon that had become so swollen that it was almost disfigured, both ugly and terrifying. His body continued to wriggle and transform.

Having gathered such a large number of people suddenly, the army definitely was not united, and his method of gathering army qi was crude as well. Despite that, he could crush everything with his size alone.

He experienced unprecedented power, enough power to destroy everything.

He let out a deafening, furious roar, “Li Qingshan!”

Even the entire city shook gently. All of the spectators were dumbfounded. Didn’t a monster like that only exist in nightmares? Even the people who were absolutely confident that Zhang Yuntian was going to die in the very beginning began to waver now. Who in the world could defeat a monster like this!?

The martial arts alliance was greatly invigorated. Victory was guaranteed with this battle. They were only worried that Li Qingshan would flee in the face of the enemy. However, if he did that, his reputation would definitely be severely damaged. Even if he managed to conquer the world, it would not be rightfully his.

The main base of the World’s society was astir too. Originally, they thought this battle would be effortless, but they never thought they would encounter a monster like this. Even innate masters were probably like ants before it. Even Li Qingshan had never demonstrated such terrifying power.

Some people could not help but wonder whether this battle could actually be won or not.

“Where’s the king?”

“We don’t know.”

“Find him quickly!”

“The king went to rest in one of the madam’s tents. It’s impossible to find him!”

“Go and find the society leader!”

Li Qingshan stepped out of the tent and yawned. “What’re you making a fuss for? What, you in a hurry to move onto the afterlife?”

“My king, there’s a monster!”

Li Qingshan gazed over. Even from so far away, he could clearly make out the mountainous monster.

At the same time, a pair of dragon eyes locked onto him, filled with cruel hostility.

Li Qingshan shielded his eyes from the sun. “Is that our enemy? He’s quite big!”

Gu Yanying rode over on a horse. “Sure enough, the army qi gathered from a million soldiers is nothing to scoff at. You better not lose.”

“Who do you think I am?”

With their appearance, the army camp gradually settled down.

Li Qingshan arrived at the front of the camp. The asura army had already assembled there, waiting for him. He waved his hand. “Follow me into battle!”

“Yes, sir!”

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