Chapter 1212 - Southbound
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 1212 - Southbound

Li Qingshan asked, “If it’s a trap, is there any way to deal with it?”

“I have a total of three plans, a good one, an ordinary one, and a bad one. The good plan is for you to launch a sneak attack on Xuanwu city immediately and claim Zhang Yuntian’s head. Just the Jade Seal of the Divine Dragon is not enough to stop your Frenzy Flower Blade of Path’s End. The ordinary plan is to delay the day of the battle so that they run out of provisions and the enemy army just collapses on themselves. The bad plan is to confront them on the day, where you confront the enemy directly, and I’ll lead the army in a sneak attack. Their morale will naturally crumble.”

Gu Yanying swung her folding fan gently with absolute confidence.

Li Qingshan smiled. “Then I choose the bad plan. On the seventh day of the twelfth month, I will let Zhang Yuntian push his powers to the limit before openly defeating him!”

Gu Yanying shook her head instead. “No, that’s actually the best plan. We will win over the people through virtue and claim the world through benevolence. We won’t carry out a massacre. We’ll only take out the ringleader!”

Li Qingshan laughed aloud. “Looks like I’ve always been disposable to you.”

“Isn’t this what you wanted?”

“Though, everything that happens after the battle is what’ll be truly troublesome. You better be careful when dealing with it.”

“Don’t worry, I have plans in mind.”

The two of them conversed like no one else was around. Everyone remained silent as if they had become part of the background, but they had grown accustomed to this a long time ago. Even among the seated innate masters, none of them believed they were equal to them, not because of how arrogant they were, but because they had clearly noticed they were completely different existences.

However, with the two of them as leaders, it sure did save a lot of effort and worry.

Several of the ten beauties were present. At that moment, they suddenly felt rather saddened. Despite their physical intimacy, even giving birth to children for him, they had never managed to close this great distance. Meanwhile, despite being seated at opposite ends of the table, the two of them seemed to be standing side by side, facing the enemy together.

Li Qingshan stood up to leave the meeting. He opened the door, and sunlight flowed in. He glanced backwards with a smile.

“Everyone, I will reclaim your fate for you!”


That word left everyone stunned. In particular, the innate masters who were qualified to be seated there all sank into their thoughts.

The World’s society had offered countless benefits, but it had also caused a great problem for them. Throughout the sixteen years, not a single person had managed to ascend, including the two protectors who followed the hero king right from the beginning. Originally, they had become capable of making an attempt a long time ago, but Li Qingshan persuaded them out of it.

Ascending was not just about fending off the tribulation lightning. They had to break through the restraints of the world too and face the tests of the intangible will of the heavens. However, everything that Li Qingshan had done in this world could be summarized in three words—defying the heavens!

The heavens wanted him to die, yet he tried his best to survive. The heavens wanted to weaken him, yet he constantly strived to become stronger. The heavens wanted him in utter isolation, yet he wanted to unite the world.

Everyone who supported him endured the wrath of the heavenly will as well, which was why the northern region faced natural disasters every single year.

He could rely on the kunpeng’s feather to return to the nine provinces, but his subordinates, women, and children would be trapped in this world, enjoying a lifespan of a measly century. Even if they made it to the tenth layer of the innate realm, they would struggle to make it past two hundred years old.

Since the damned heavens are already powerless against me, now’s the time to fight back!

Li Qingshan strode into the sunlight. Everyone stood up, sending off the hero king.

The hero king would be accepting the challenge. On the seventh day of the twelfth month, they would clash in the wilderness, with only one making it out alive.

On the first day of the twelfth month, the World’s society set off on their campaign. The common people gathered together and followed them closely. Not only did the World’s society refuse to recruit any people, they instead sent people to various places to calm the common people so that they could pass the winter in peace without following them into battle.

However, there were still many people that followed along. They said they were not here to fight, but to boost their morale. In a single day, they had amassed a hundred thousand people.

Basically every single person that practised martial arts in the world had to gather in Xuanwu city. A great battle like this was a once-in-a-millennium event.

The giant turtle lifted up the residence and advanced through the resounding cheers. The asura army parted the crowds and formed a path.

All of the beauties gathered in the residence, apart from Yang Miaozhen. The others all brought their children with them, gazing at him in admiration. The children were so excited that their faces were all red.

Throughout history, who had ever enjoyed such a resounding reputation?

Sixteen years ago, had any one of them imagined that they would share a husband in the future? But now, it felt like it made perfect sense. Perhaps only the woman right before him had the right to make him remain faithful until his death, but after so many years, they could also confirm that no special feelings existed between the two.

Li Qingshan and Gu Yanying sat before each other. Gu Yanying smiled. “How does this feel?”

Li Qingshan said, “It’s all thanks to your arduous administration over the past sixteen years, so let me give you a toast!”

They brought their cups together and drank away.

Li Qingshan grinned. “Though, it’s nothing special.”


“Whether I’ve been praised by all or insulted by all, there’s never been any intrinsic difference. I’ve just been following my heart. Though, I happen to be a good person as well.”

“A good person?” Gu Yanying broke into laughter and looked around. “Just this alone isn’t something a good person would do.”

The women reddened and clicked their tongues.

“Dad, a little higher! I think I can almost see him!” Tiedan urged.

Li Qingshan seemed to notice something. He lifted up the curtain and saw Wu Huan in the crowd, as well as the child on his shoulders. He could not help but give him a nod.

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The crowd erupted into another series of cheers. After a slight moment of hesitation, Wu Huan nodded back.

Li Qingshan lowered the curtain again. Gu Yanying asked, “What’s wrong?”

“I might not be a good person, but regardless, seeing people in happiness leaves me much more cheerful than seeing them in pain.”

Tiedan called out, “Dad, the hero king nodded at me just then! The hero king was nodding at me!”

The group passed through the village. Wu Huan smiled. “Since you’ve seen him, then let’s go home. Your mother is almost done with making lunch.”

“Yeah!” Tiedan nodded firmly before asking, “Dad, aren’t you going to follow them and take a look? There’s so many people in the village who’re going. They said they want to comprehend some supreme martial arts from this battle.”

“I’m not going. Let’s go home and eat. Once we’re done eating, I’ll teach you a few more moves.”


They travelled south, crossing the boundary of the northern region and entering the central region. The common people welcomed them with food, water, and cheers.

The name of the hero king had spread through the world a long time ago. Meanwhile, in order to gather his million-strong army, Zhang Yuntian had carried out a large-scale conscription, taking and reallocating provisions. He had already become loathed by everyone. Apart from the clans and sects that had vested interests, all of the commoners looked forward to the day when the hero king conquered the world and built a world of peace like the northern region.

“Hero king, I am Hou Zhen of the Wind Gale Mercenary Escorts! I gave you directions in the past!” Hou Zhen called out vigorously. His full beard had already become grizzled now.

The group passed by, and his youngest disciple asked, “Master, did you really give the hero king directions in the past?”

“Of course. The hero king’s kindness and justice knows no bounds. He treats everyone with courtesy and consideration. You have no idea just how friendly he was to me! I even wanted to lead the way for him, but he declined.”

“Weren’t you afraid of offending the martial arts alliance?”

“That son of a bitch Zhang Yuntian! I think he doesn’t have many days left in him!”

Hou Zhan was furious. The martial arts alliance had basically taken away everyone from his group of escorts. They had confiscated most of the wealth they had built up over the years as well.

“Then let’s go to Xuanwu city and take a look too! We can lend the hero king a hand!”

“Go for what? It’s very easy to get injured. All I have left is you, my only disciple. If you get hacked to death, who’s going to take care of me when I’m old and handle my funeral?”

The youngest disciple thought, But my senior brothers haven’t even died yet!

On the sixth day of the twelfth month, Li Qingshan arrived outside Xuanwu city and set up camp for the decisive battle tomorrow!

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