Chapter 1093: Sword Peak
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 1093: Sword Peak

“Old bastard, you wanted to use a Sword Tomb to keep me buried, but why don’t you take a look at who’s the master of the Sword Tomb now?”

“Elder Tian” spread his arms and laughed wildly. There were no irises in his eyes, only eye whites.

The almost-intangible Sword Domain of Heaven and Earth around the Sword Collection peak twisted and changed, turning into a sinister, terrifying Demon domain. It enveloped the Sword Collection palace, dyeing the white sun blood-red.

Under everyone’s terrified gazes, the Sword Collection peak rose up slowly. Elder Tian suddenly lowered his head and smiled viciously. “I almost forgot about you crawling ants. I’ve spent several thousand years waiting for this day!” His old face became even more hideous as his body twisted and arched. He roared furiously, “Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill…”


All of the swords on the Sword Collection palace basically shot out of the rock at the same time, turning into thousands of streaks that spiraled around before falling down. As they whistled around, human heads dropped to the ground. The swordsmanship was unmatched, such that not even the swordmasters and elders could block any of the swords. Some of them even lost control over the swords in their hands and were stabbed by them instead.

In the blink of an eye, blood flowed through the Sword Collection palace as streams. Even the wild beasts between the mountains had all been slaughtered, truly leaving none alive!

“That’s too quick. I don’t feel any satisfaction!” Elder Tian looked back at the south. “It’s time to help out that little damned insect and make his foolish wish come true!”

The bloody swords flew back, assembling into a formation around the Sword Collection peak. The Sword Formation of Heaven and Earth was reactivated, not only possessing a “core” again, but also becoming more powerful than it had ever been before after merging with the Sword Domain of Heaven and Earth.

The Sword Collection peak tilted slowly, pointing towards Great Buddha mountain with its tip before suddenly vani

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