Chapter 1050 - Heavily Surrounded, a Land of Buddhism
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Legend of the Great Sage Chapter 1050 - Heavily Surrounded, a Land of Buddhism

Behind Xiao An’s alluring beauty, her white bones faded in and out.

From the moment Li Qingshan turned into Northmoon and killed the Light Queen, they had crossed the point of no return. It was impossible for the Chan Monastery of Deva-Nāga to just stand by, and if that was the case, then they would face them together!

Through weal or woe, I will bear half of it for you!

“Father, please back away!” Xiao An drifted over and slashed down.

After witnessing the terrifying might of the Buddha Slaying sword, he refused to let the edge touch him, so all he could do was pull back. He said in bitter hatred, “Xuanyue, I’m your father!”

Xiao An said apologetically, “Father, I can never pay you back for giving birth and raising me, but given my path, all I can do is go my own way!”

“Is patricide and fratricide your repayment, your path?” the Fierce King of Chu questioned. Having gone from great joy to great sorrow in a split second, even the King of Chu found it rather difficult to bear despite his willpower.

Xiao An shut her eyes, unable to answer him. She possessed a human’s heart now. Having taken back everything of the past, she also had to bear with the various restraints and pains, but she also needed to make a decision!

Li Qingshan originally could not be bothered with saying anything, but he could not help but stand up for her at a time like this. “So what if she’s committed fratricide? That kid Ji Xuanri is posing around, completely up to no good. He’s even worse than his mother. She’s done right in killing him. Otherwise, he’ll definitely destroy the Green province if he becomes the King of Chu in the future. You’re responsible for this too as the father. Don’t you know that we’ve helped you out tremendously? As for patricide, you can stop with your lies. We haven’t even killed you yet, and we obviously have no plans of killing you. Isn’t that correct, Xiao An?”

Xiao An had no idea how to respond. He had a point, but just who would say they were helping someone after killing their wife and child? In particular, his statement

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